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FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (WITH SAP): Coursework Deliverable 1: ‘A report critically evaluating what effect cloud based BI solutions are having on Business Intelligence within the IT Industry’ Richard Henniker | 10176355 | Computing Informatics | ISAD 343 1 INTRODUCTION Cloud Computing to some individuals, is an ambiguous phrase due to the lack of an agreed ‘universal’ definition. In September 2011, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provided a definitio
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  F UNDAMENTALS OF B USINESS I NTELLIGENCE (W ITH SAP): Coursework Deliverable 1: ‘   A report critically evaluating what effect cloud based BI solutions are having on BusinessIntelligence within the IT Industry’       2   Richard Henniker|10176355|Computing Informatics|ISAD 343 1 I NTRODUCTION   Cloud Computing to some individuals, is an ambiguous phrase due to the lack of anagreed ‘universal’ definition. In September 2011, the National Institute of Standardsand Technology (NIST) provided a definition of cloud computing, which summarisesas: ‘ Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network accessto a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g. networks, servers,storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released withminimal management effort or service provider interaction. ’ I feel that this definitiondefines best the field of cloud computing and the surrounding components involved.Cloud computing enables users to store files and software remotely, rather than on ahard drive or server at their office. The fact is many people may already be usingcloud computing without realising it, whether through work or personal use i.e.Skype, Hotmail etc.Cloud technologies were brought together and established fully in 2009, yet threeyears on in 2012, still many sectors of business do not know what impacts adoptingCloud Computing could have on their company. This is backed by a surveyconducted in 2011 by PEER 1 Network Enterprises, it was concluded that 88% of keybusiness decision-makers that do not use cloud computing, 39% said it was becausethey don't know enough about it.Cloud computing is not a profoundly new paradigm as it draws on currenttechnologies and approaches, such as:    Software as a Service (SaaS)    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)    3      Platform as a Service (PaaS)    Utility Computing    Distributed computing    Centralised data centresHowever, a new tactic that cloud computing employs is that it combines andintegrates into each of these approaches. Cloud computing can also be seen as therational evolution in outsourcing IT services and it assures businesses that withsuccessful Cloud integration into a company, regardless of its size, it will be able toreceive IT services in a very simple way.To make use of Cloud Computing and most importantly tailor its use to their needs,companies can use services of a CSP (Cloud Service Provider). There are 3 differentcloud service models that are offered:    Private Cloud: Internal within a company data centre or dedicated leased    Public Cloud: Cloud services provided to many customers from a singletechnology stack    Hybrid cloud: Offers a possibility to mix private and public cloud servicesSome of the core benefits of cloud computing consists of swift execution, ease of use, and subscription pricing. As expected, in many businesses, the prospect of computing in the cloud has led to invested lines of business that don’t want to wait for permission from centralised IT to handpick, implement, and manage cloudapplications and platforms. The IT ‘command and control all’ model of the past willno longer be acceptable in the new reality of a hybrid cloud. IT organisations mustwork closer than ever with the business to ensure th ey’re not only adding value but helping to drive business innovation and competitive differentiation. This has beenreflected in major IT best practice and benchmarking providers such as theInformation Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). In 2009, ITIL revised key    4   benchmarks and released ITIL v3 which incorporated best practices for companiesemploying cloud based Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. 2 C LOUD COMPUTING &   BI The influence of cloud computing on the IT sector and BI itself is broad and deep. Itis the sort of technology that if businesses do not embrace it, they could be run overby it in the future. Cloud computing has been opening many doors across allindustries since it’s hype exploded in 2009, and it’s constantly having new, insightfuleffects on the Business Intelligence industry even in 2012 with talk about BI in thecloud and real-time cloud integration.BI helps businesses analyse data and convert it into valuable business information.As more data, services and applications migrate into the cloud, inevitably, numerousnew data sources are being created. BI providers are adjusting their tools to this newreality, and successful businesses must now assess and act upon this opportunity.   Nevertheless, as with any other fresh innovative technology, both pros and consexist. Below are a few benefits and challenges that businesses may acknowledge aswell as experience when considering and deploying cloud-based BI solutions, this isdiscussed further in section 4:    Effort required to conduct sufficient data cleansing    Total cost of BI technology    Performance impact on current infrastructureCloud computing can potentially be an answer to two of these problems. Cloudcomputing permits businesses to analyse terabytes of data faster and moreeconomically than ever before. The difference from previous models is that it is
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