RTS Chemistry SPM Question Bank Chapter 1

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   Essential Chemistry SPM Question Bank  Chapter 1: Introduction to Chemistry Paper 1 1) W  ,  X  , Y  and  Z  are steps involved in the scientific investigation.   Which of the following sequences is correct ? A  Z  , W  ,  X  , Y  B W  ,  Z  , Y  ,  X  C  Z  , W  , Y  ,  X  D Y  ,  Z  , W  ,  X  2) Which of the following is the most accurate definition of hypothesis? A Hypothesis is the interpretation of the data collected during an investigation B Hypothesis is a statement about an investigation whose truth has been proven C Hypothesis is the result of an investigation D Hypothesis is a statement about the relationship between the variable that is manipulatedand the variable that responds3) Why must we plan the methods and techniques to be used prior to a scientific investigation? A To ensure that the data collected is more accurate B To ease the collection of data C To collect the data in a faster way D To conduct an investigation easily4) When planning a scientific investigation, the following is conducted exceptA the determination of the data collection method B the determination of the ways of controlling the variables that are kept constant C the selection of as many manipulated variables as possible D the listing of all suitable materials and apparatus to be used  5 ) The figure below shows an experiment to study the relationship between the oscillation of theweight and the length of the thread.   Which of the following is paired correctly? Variable that is kept constant Variable that is manipulated  A Length of the threadTime of the oscillation B Mass of the weightLength of the thread C Time of the oscillation Shape of the weight D Shape of the weightTime of the oscillation6) Which of the following variables has its value obtained through observation in an experiment? A Independent variable B Variable that is kept constant C Variable that is manipulated D Variable that responds7) A student would like to investigate how different materials affect the rate of metal expansion.Which of the following variables should not be made constant? A Type of material B Heat supplied C Shape of the material D Atmospheric pressure  8) The graph in the figure below shows the relationship between the voltage value and currentvalue in an experiment.The variable that responds in the experiment is the A voltage B current C resistance D time taken9) The following must be observed when making a hypothesis exceptA give suggestions or explanations based on the scientific principle B change the data to support the hypothesis made C use the existing knowledge to explain a phenomenon D admit that there are other ways to explain an occurrence10) Which of the following statements about variables is not true? A Variables that are   manipulated are independent variables B Variables that respond are data collected from an investigation C Variables that respond are determined by variables that are kept constant D Variables that are kept   constant are variables that are fixed in an experiment11) What is the first step that is taken in a scientific investigation? A Controlling the variables B Making an inference C Making a hypothesis D Identifying the problem12) Which of the following are scientific and noble values? I Critical and analytical thinking II Being systematic III Interest and curiosity A I and II only B I and III only C II and III only D I, II and III  13) Which of the following are carried out in a scientific method? I Predicting II Observing III Grateful A I and II only B I and III only C II and III only D I, II and III14) Which of the following is a hypothesis statement? I The evaporation rate of water is influenced by the exposed area II The bigger the size of a gas jar, the longer the candle will burn in the gas jar  III The Earth is one of the planets in the solar system A III only B I and II only C II and III only D I, II, and III15) The following steps are taken while collecting and interpreting data in a scientificinvestigation exceptI the data collected can be interpreted in the form of a table II the data recorded can be shown in a histogram III any data that is believed to be incorrect should be removed A III only B I and II only C I and   III only D II and III only
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