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Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe’s Ayurveda P R O D U C T Santulan Life in Balance C A T A L O G Life in Balance Atmasantulana Village tmasantulana Village, located in the beautiful hill-station setting of Karla (Maharashtra, India), is a renowned Ayurvedic Health and Rejuvenation Center, where the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda has been brought into the modern day-to-day lifestyle. Our centre offers authentic Ayurvedic Panchakarma and Wellness Programmes which are specially designed to treat chronic di
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  Life in Balance P R O D U C T C A T A L O G Ayurveda Santulan Dr. Shri BalajiTambe’s  Atmasantulana Village Life in Balance A tmasantulana Village, located in the beautifulhill-stationsettingofKarla(Maharashtra,India),isa renowned Ayurvedic Health and RejuvenationCenter, where the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda has beenbroughtintothemodernday-to-daylifestyle.Our centre offers authentic Ayurvedic Panchakarma and WellnessProgrammes which are specially designed to treat chronic diseasesand also to help our guests to recharge their batteries, become rejuvenatedandrevitalisedThough Ayurveda is an extensive subject covering the 'Science of Life' and'Art of Living', particular emphasis is placed on medicine, proper dietplanning and the use of quality products for supporting healthy living. Theaim is to achieve and maintain good health for the body, mind and soulthroughestablishingabalancethroughoutlife Thus theSanskritnameofourcentre Atma meaningSouland Santulan meaningBalanceDr Shri Balaji Tambe anacclaimed authority in thefields of Ayurveda Yoga andMusic Therapy is the Founderof Atmasantulana Village Hehas conducted many years of extensive research inAyurveda and Health Careand continues to explore newways of incorporatingtraditional healing methodsintocontemporarylifeDr ShriBalajiTambehasreceivedmanyawardsforhisdedicatedworkinthefieldofAyurvedaDr Shri Balaji Tambe has spent many years patiently researching ancientAyurvedicformulaeandproductionmethods.AtmasantulanaTherapyCentreis manufacturing high quality Ayurvedic products formulated by Dr. Tambesince1984andisexportingthemtoEuropesince20years.All products are manufactured with high quality natural ingredients withoutany animal testing and the quality is controlled under the supervision of trainedpersonnel .. ,: ' ', ' ', .. ,,,.....,. 1  Medicinal & Massage Oils Life in Balance T he word “Santulan” means “Balance” and eachproduct reflects this philosophy to achieve abalanceofBody MindandSoulMassage oils play an important role in the Ayurvedic healthconcept Thecellsoftheskinandnervoussystemhaveasimilarsrcin, and it is for this reason that oils massaged into the skin caninfluence and benefit the nervous system and the entire organism.Regular application of Santulan´s high-quality oils also helps stabilize thefunctionsoftheskin.Thecoolingoilsarerelaxingandrefreshingandhaveaharmonizingeffectonbody,mindandsoul.According to Ayurveda the body is made up of five elements that combineto make up the three constitutional types Vata Pitta and Kapha Theseelements are present in different combinations in each individual with onespecific element usually dominating. Vata is made up of space and air, Pittais comprised of fire and, to a lesser degree, water, while Kapha is acombinationofearthandwater.The Ayurvedic texts state that most diseases are caused by an imbalance inVata meaning that the space element has increased, decreased or isdisturbed, therefore aggravating or diminishing the ability of movement. Inthis connection, movement relates to the flexibility of the joints, bloodcirculation, the functional efficiency of the nervous system and the pranic energy. To re-establish a Vata equilibrium in the body massage with highqualityoilsisstronglyrecommendedSesame and coconut oils are compatible with all constitutional types andformthebasisforallSantulanmassageoilsThe careful preparation of the basic substances the order in which theingredients are added and the duration of the cooking procedure all play animportantroleandaredescribedindetailintheancientAyurvedictextsAt each stage in the manufacturing process, the oil isboiledinfourtoeighttimesitsvolumeofwateruntilthe original amount of oil is restored Thisprocedureisknownas culturing oftheoilCombining different herbs in preciseamounts in the specified Ayurvedicformulae increase their potency andeffectiveness , ..,: , .,,, -..,.. .. 2  Medicinal & Massage Oils The resulting oils are potent subtle in quality and caneasily penetrate the deepest layers of the skin They arekindtotheskinandeconomicalinuseThus these following products are a synergistic combination of herbswiththemotto lessgivesmoreMildandcoolingoilforfullbodymassage IdealforBabymassageandthosehavingsensitiveskin HelpstoreduceskinirritationsandrejuvenatestheskinFull body massage oil for daily use to nourish and revitalize the entire bodypacifies Vata dosha improves circulation hence beneficial in cases of hypertension and heart disorders Especially recommended in obesity andparalysis.A special medicated soothing oil which helps to reduce mentalstrain and promotes sound sleep Indicated in insomnia andanxietyThis time tested oil is specially designed to restore andmaintain the health of the female reproductive systemRegularuseofFemisanoilstrengthensandpurifiestheuterusand tones the vaginal muscles Indicated in all hormonerelateddisordersandrecurrentgynecologicalinfectionsMassageoilfornourishingthenervesandspinalcord Indicatedinbackacheslipped disc spondylitis stiff neck frozen shoulder sciatica and otherdegeneratingdisordersofthespineA medicated oil designed to restore and maintain the health of the malereproductive area Regular use of Purusham oil deeply nourishes andinvigoratesthemalereproductiveorgan ,.. ... ..,...-.... ,, , , ,... AbhyangOilC CoconutoilbaseAbhyangOilS SesameBrahmaleenOilFemisanOilforWomenKundaliniOil-SpinecarePurushamOilforMen ( )( ) oilbaseRadhaFaceOil Facial oil that improves complexion. Especially recommended for severeinflamed acne and skin infections. Also used as a soothing application toalleviateirritation,drynessorburningsensationinvariousskindisorders. Life in Balance 3
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