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SAP New GL : DOCUMENT SPLITTING – Configuration 1. Classify G/L Accounts for Document Splitting Standard Customizing Settings In the Implementation Guide, choose Financial Accounting (New)- General Ledger Accounting (New)- Business Transactions- Document Splitting. You need to classify the individual document items so that the system knows how to handle them. You do this by assigning them to an item category. The item category is determined by the account number. In this IMG activity, you nee
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  SAP New GL : DOCUMENT SPLITTING –Configuration Standard Customizing Settings In the Implementation Guide,chooseFinancial Accounting (New)->General Ledger Accounting (New)-> BusinessTransactions->Document Splitting. 1. Classify G/L Accounts for Document Splitting  You need to classify the individual document items so that the system knows how to handle them. You do this by assigning them to an item category. The item category is determined by the account number. In this IMG activity, youneed to assign the appropriate accounts. 2. Classify Document Types for Document Splitting Every business transaction that is entered is analyzed during the document splitting process. In this process, thesystem determines which splitting rule is applied to the document. To enable the system to determine the splittingrule, you need to assign a business transaction variant to each document type. 3. Define Zero-Balance Clearing Account Here you define a clearing account for account assignment objects for which you want to have a zero balance setting when the balance is not zero. 4. Define Document Splitting Characteristics for General Ledger Accounting Here you specify to which document splitting characteristics document splitting applies, for example, profit center orsegment. The characteristics that you specify should be maintained in at least one of your ledgers. You determine which characteristics are maintained in your ledger by assigning scenarios orcustomerfields to your ledgers. Youalso define how this characteristic is to be handled by specifying, for example, whether you want to apply a zero balance setting, whether the field is a required entry field, and the appropriate partner field. 5. Define Document Splitting Characteristics for Controlling Here you specify which additional characteristics you want to apply in document splitting. The additionalcharacteristics are not relevant for General Ledger Accounting. Instead, they are relevant for components inControlling that usedocumentstransferred from General Ledger Accounting.The selected characteristics are only transferred to the specified line items when the account to which the postings are to be made can also take thecharacteristics. 6. Define Post-Capitalization of Cash Discount to Assets Here you define whether the cash discount that is applied in thepaymentof an asset-relevant invoice should becapitalized to the asset. When you select this setting, the cash discount amount is not posted to the cash discountaccount in the payment document, but instead directly to the asset. 7. Edit Constants for Nonassigned Processes Here you define default account assignments (for example, a default segment) for specific line items in processes for which it is not possible to derive the correct account assignments at the time when the document is posted. This is thecase if the required information is not yet available when the posting occurs. 8. Activate Document Splitting In this IMG activity, youactivatedocument splitting. The splitting method used is that delivered by SAP as standard, which contains the splitting rules for the different business transactions. If this splitting method does not meet yourrequirements, you can first define and then select your own method inCustomizingfor document splitting (see thenext step).  Settings for Extended Document Splitting Here you define your own rules for document splitting and make the necessary settings so that the system applies therules you defined and not the SAP standard rules. 9. Define Splitting Method  Here you define your own method for document splitting. A splitting method contains the rulesgoverninghow theindividual item categories are dealt with. 10. Define Splitting Rule Here you define the splitting rules for document splitting. You assign one or more business transaction variants, theaccount key for the zero balance setting, and the leading item categories for cross-company code transactions to asplitting method. 11. Assign Splitting Method Here you assign the splitting method to be used for document splitting after activation. If you want to activate yourown splitting method, replace the standard method with your own method. 12. Define Business Transaction Variants Here you can define business transaction variants for the business transactions in document splitting. DOCUMENT SPLITTING - Details Document splitting allows you to display documents using a differentiated representation.In the representation, line items are split according to selected dimensions.In this way, you can draw up complete financial statements for the selected dimensions at any time.Using the document splitting procedure, you can also create a segmented display of a (partial) balance sheetaccording to a set of legal requirements (for example, IAS) or according to areas of responsibility.In addition, you can allocate at the time of posting additional costs (such asrealizedor valuated exchange ratedifferences) to the CO account assignment objects to which the costs relate. Assets can also be subsequently capitalized at the time of posting.Implementation Considerations: You need to make settings inCustomizingand other preparations for documentsplitting.If you already use new General Ledger Accounting in your production system and want to implement documentsplitting subsequently, you need to use the General Ledger Migration Cockpit Integration: Document splitting has an effect on subsequent processes, such as closing operations, and onprocesses in Controlling (CO). Features: You can use the document splitting procedure to split up line items for selected dimensions (suchasreceivablelines by profit center) or to effect a zero balance setting in the document for selected dimensions (suchas segment). This generates additional clearing lines in the document. Document Splitting Process: For document splitting to be possible, the system classifies the individual lineitems as well as thedocuments. This takes place using your settings in Customizing. Depending on how a document isclassified, the splitting rule selected for a document specifies how the document is split and for which line items.SAP delivers a set of standard splitting rules. You can also define your own rules. Subfunctions of Document Splitting The following functions are part of document splitting:  Passive document splitting: Clearing andsimilarprocessesThe system creates a reference to existing account assignments. These accountassignments are used as the basis for line items to be split.The system applies all account assignments that you have defined as document splitting characteristics inCustomizing.If you have set the Zero Balance Setting indicator for the document splitting characteristic, the system then createsany necessary clearing lines to ensure that the characteristics produce a balance of zero in each document.  Active document splitting: Splitting a documentIn this subfunction, the line items are split according to the settings in Customizing (theclassification of the document and the splitting rule assigned to the document). Subsequent processes: Clearing, such as realized exchange rate differencesFor example, you can also use the CO account assignmentsrelating to the costs to post the realized exchange rate differences occurring in this subsequent process. Closing operations, such as foreign currency valuation You can perform closing operations according to the document splitting characteristics defined. Document Splitting Simulation During document entry, you can simulate the postings to be generated.From the simulation in the general ledger view, you can call the expert mode.In the expert mode, you obtaindetailedinformation about the split document as well as about the document splittingrules applied.Furthermore, it allows you to view the Customizing settings for document splittingspecificto the businesstransaction. Displaying the Split Document You can display a document as follows:- In its srcinal form in the entry view - Split from the view of a ledger in the general ledger view and with the generated clearing linesHow the document is displayed in the general ledger view depends on whether the ledger to which you want to postcontains the document splitting characteristics to be applied in document splitting. Limitations: You can only use document splitting for documents that can be uniquely assigned to a businessprocess. The relevant relationship is unclear when there are multiple business processes within one document
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