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SOLUTION OVERVIEW SAS Customer Intelligence for Retail ® Maximize customer profitability through advanced behavior tracking, customer segmentation, campaign management and real-time offer optimization Overview Retailers often struggle to answer some simple questions: Who are my best customers? What can we do to retain them? How can we attract others like them? How can we improve the profitability of all our customers? In sum, how can we know our customers well enough to build loyalty by consi
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  SOLUTION OVERVIEW SAS ® Customer Intelligence or Retail n Challenges ã Evolving customer interac-tions rom a transactional torelationship basis . Retailersmust deliver personalizedcommunications and shoppingexperiences that build loyalrelationships at all points in thecustomer life cycle.ã Choreographing the sophisti-cated communicationsrequired to retain currentcustomers and acquirenew ones . Legacy marketingapplications are simply notcapable of transforming hugevolumes of customer datainto the intelligence neededto improve the return onmarketing investments.ã Coordinating outboundcampaigns, such as directmail, with inbound customerinteractions . In the absence of a clear understanding of customer behavior, it isextremely difficult to effectivelytrigger appropriate and timelyoffers and communications.ã Consistently measuringresults. Without the ability totrack customer interactions,there is no way to reliablymeasure the impact of cam-paigns on customer behavior. Overview Retailers often struggle to answer somesimple questions: Who are my bestcustomers? What can we do to retainthem? How can we attract others likethem? How can we improve the profit-ability of all our customers? In sum,how can we know our customerswell enough to build loyalty by consis-tently surprising and delighting themwith every interaction?Harnessing the power of deep cus-tomer insight is a critical component of success for retailers that will not onlysurvive, but thrive, in the 21st-centuryretail marketplace. However, beforeeffectively delighting customers, retail-ers must ensure that customer-focusedprocesses are in place — enabling thecreation and execution of optimizedcommunication programs that providequantifiable results and support funda-mental business objectives.By combining enterprise data manage-ment, advanced analytics, campaignmanagement, customer interactionmanagement and real-time decisionmaking, SAS Customer Intelligencehelps retailers realize fast, significantreturns on marketing investments. The solution synthesizes your customerdata across lines of business andacross all customer touch points. Maximize customer profitability through advanced behavior tracking, customersegmentation, campaign management and real-time offer optimization  ã Manage quality customer data byaccessing virtually any database tocreate a customer-centric data reposi-tory, moving data between operationaland marketing systems, and cleansingthe data to ensure decisions are madeusing the right data. n  Associated SAS ® Solutions: SAS ® Customer Insight or Retail provides strategic segmentation andbehavior predictions based on custom-ers’ demographic, psychographic,transactional and attitudinal data. Additionally, the solution can segmentand profile stores based on transactionhistory and trade-area demographics. SAS ® Transaction Insight or Retail profiles and segments stores based ontransaction activity, product classes,unit sales and much more. It also allowsmerchants to profile retail outlets basedon the demographics of their custom-ers, thereby highlighting subtle vari-ances that can be used to fine-tunemerchandise allocation, store staffingand promotions. SAS ® Data Integration provides asingle environment that seamlesslyintegrates data quality within the dataintegration process, taking users fromprofiling and rules creation throughexecution and monitoring of results. Maximize returns onmarketing investments n KeyBenefits SAS Customer Intelligence forRetail helps you:ã Understand the relativeimportance and buyingpatterns of each customersegment.ã Determine the best targetaudience, communication mix,customer channel, andcampaign offer and stylepreferences for any campaign.ã Identify cross-sell, up-selland retention opportunities —especially those driven bybehavioral and transactionalevents.ã Recognize and react totime-sensitive opportunitiesthrough real-time tracking of customer behavior. Capabilities SAS enables a data driven, customer-focused marketing process deliveredthrough an integrated marketing plat-form. Whether a retailer’s need is tobolster customer insight by calculatingcustomer lifetime value, to executemore efficient and effective customerinteractions using a campaign manage-ment solution, or to instill accountabilityacross marketing, SAS CustomerIntelligence provides the widest rangeof functional capabilities available. Deepen Customer Insight  To gain insight into what customerswill do in the future, it is important tofirst understand past interactions. SASenables retailers to manage customerdata and understand the behavior pat-terns of their best and worst custom-ers. By having insight into customerattitudes, behavior, profitability and risk,retailers can make smarter decisionsthat simultaneously drive businessresults and delight customers.ã Proile and segment customers  based on historical behavior, profit-ability and lifetime value.ã Predict customer behavior using arange of analyses, including customervalue analysis, market basket analysis,customer segmentation, customerprofitability, response modeling, churnanalysis, credit scoring and more.  1-800-FLOWERS.COM SeesRevenue Hike with SAS ® By 1992, before many companieshad even heard of the Internet,1-800-FLOWERS.COM alreadyhad an online presence.CEO Jim McCann says1-800-FLOWERS.COM is againtransforming itself, this timefrom a company that’s basedon operational excellence to onerooted in intimate knowledge of its customers. At 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, SASspans the entire decision-supportprocess for managing customerrelationships. Collecting data atall customer contact points, thecompany turns that data intoknowledge for understanding andanticipating customer behavior,meeting customer needs, buildingmore profitable customer relation-ships and gaining a holistic viewof a customer’s lifetime value.In short, 1-800-FLOWERS.COMrelies on SAS to turn brand loyaltyinto personal relationships withmore than 10 million customers. Choreograph Customer Interaction Customers want to feel as thoughcompanies understand them — andcustomers expect to be treated con-sistently. A well-orchestrated marketingcampaign requires coordination andsynchronization across multiplechannels. SAS provides the ability tochoreograph a comprehensive,multichannel marketing communicationstrategy that optimizes every resourceto allow retail organizations to effectivelyachieve strategic goals and maximizereturn on investment (ROI).ã Develop and optimize segmentstrategies using customer insights todetermine how much time, effort andresources are needed for selling ormarketing to each customer segmentand evolve customers throughouttheir lifecycles. Optimize ROI for everycustomer communication.ã Engage eectively with customers by implementing effective, consistentand timely communications acrosschannels. Base offers and communi-cations on predicted future customerbehavior, not past activities. Effectivelypersonalize customer interactions totransform perceptions of your retailenterprise from “the store” to“my store.” n  Associated SAS ® Solutions: SAS ® Campaign Management makesit easy for retailers to automate market-ing processes, increase productivityand execute campaigns on time andon budget. It features an automated,repeatable, easy-to-use environmentcapable of quickly executing a widerange of campaigns, from simple tovery complex, from strategic, plannedmarket programs to opportunistic,near-real-time communications aimedat a precise audience. SAS ® Marketing Automation is themost comprehensive marketing automa-tion solution available. This solutionprovides everything needed to turn raw,disparate data into profitable campaigns. SAS ® Real-Time Decision Manager combines SAS Analytics with businesslogic and contact strategies to deliverreal-time decisions and recommenda-tions to interactive customer channelssuch as the Web, the call center, pointof sales (POS) and in-store kiosks. SAS ® Digital Marketing provideslarge-scale multimedia messagingcapabilities — including e-mail, mobile,RSS and Web — within single-channelor multichannel marketing campaigns. The solution is scalable, secure andcomprehensive, including data access,segmentation, content integration andhosting, and deliverability assurances. SAS ® Interaction Management identi-fies material changes in consumer buy-ing patterns for follow-up throughmultiple direct marketing vehicles. Italso facilitates marketing conversationsthrough call center, Web site or check-out counter communications that aretriggered on the basis of patentedbehavior tracking technology.  Continuously ImproveMarketing Performance  To maximize retail marketing invest-ment returns, it is critical to implementa closed-loop marketing process thatself-adjusts over time. SAS provides thescorecards, reporting and underlyinganalytical capabilities needed to instillaccountability and have complete vis-ibility of marketing processes and theresulting performance so merchants canmake midcourse corrections when theyhit a bump in the road.ã Measure and report on all aspectso the operation by aligningactivities to strategies and goalsto improve the performance andaccountability of marketing, salesand service.ã Optimize investment across directand indirect marketing by continu-ously monitoring, predicting and opti-mizing your mass marketing, pricing,promotion and other activities.ã Continuously learn and improve  through an integrated marketingplatform and closed-loopmarketing process. n  Associated SAS ® Solutions: SAS ® Marketing Optimization appliespowerful mathematical approaches tooptimize marketing ROI given limitedbudgets, channel capacities andother constraints. SAS ® Web Analytics helps companieslearn how each individual navigatesthrough its Web site. With SAS, retailerscan see what sort of person dropsthe shopping basket at the final hurdleand why so they can prevent it fromhappening in the future. SAS Web Analytics also tracks responses toe-mail campaigns. SAS ® Veridiem ® MRM helps compa-nies understand the business value of investments such as advertising, pro-motions, incentives, direct mail, eventsand the Web. It does this by providing arange of capabilities, including market-ing-mix modeling, marketing invest-ment simulations and guided analyses. About SAS ® RetailIntelligence SAS offers a comprehensive vision forcomplete retail intelligence. Retailerscan employ a wide range of powerfulSAS solutions, all built atop a commonretail business intelligence platform, toallow for rapid integration and lowertotal cost of ownership. These solutionsinclude nearly three decades of SASretail analytics experience and merchan-dising best practices. No other vendoroffers such a comprehensive, integratedset of solutions for retailers.ã SAS ® Customer Intelligence –Identify, acquire, activate, serve andretain profitable customers.ã SAS ® Merchandise Intelligence –Drive revenue, protect margins andearn customer loyalty with optimizedmerchandise plans, assortments,demand forecasts, pricing, promo-tions, space plans and allocations. About SAS SAS is the world’s largest privately heldsoftware company and the industryleader in business intelligence. Today,SAS serves more than 4 million usersat nearly 43,000 sites in 111 countries,including more than 80 percent of FORTUNE Global 500 ® generalmerchandisers and specialty retailers.SAS is also an associate member of the National Retail Federation.For more than three decades, SAShas been giving retail organizations THE POWER TO KNOW ® . SAS lever-ages the investments you’ve alreadymade in operational and transactionalsystems, adding a layer of intelligenceyou can’t get anywhere else.For more information, visit us at . SAS Institute Inc. World Headquarters +1 919 677 8000 To contact your local SAS ofce, please visit:fces SAS and all other SAS Institute Inc. product or service names are registered trademarks or trademarks of SAS Institute Inc. in the USA and other countries.® indicates USA registration. Other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Copyright © 2007, SAS Institute Inc. All rights reserved. 103300_474719.1207 ã SAS ® Operational Intelligence –Leverage organizational assets toserve customers and trade withvendors efficiently and profitably.ã SAS ® or PerormanceManagement – Analyze, forecastand maximize profits across the entirevalue chain and monitor performancetoward common goals.
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