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Life in Self.
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  The Moorish American National Government TheMoorishAmerican National Flag FROM THEOFFICES OF: Continental American Territories The Moorish American Nation, 1865 A.D.Divine Constitution, De jure, 1928 A.D. OFFICIAL  eclaration  P roclamation OF THE MOORISH AMERICAN NATION   THE GRAND BODY AND EXECUTIVE RULERS OF THE MOORISH AMERICAN GOVERNMENT The Grand NationalSealThe Grand NationalEmblem Our Status And Jurisdiction “There Is No God But The Great God”  The Moorish American National Government DECLARATION PROCLAMATION OFSTATUS AND JURISDICTION OFTHE MOORISH AMERICANSSTATEMENTOFFACTS AHOLYCOVENANT OF THE AFRICAN NATIONSHEAR YE NOW ALLCREATURESOF THOUGHTPROCLAMATION OF STATUSAND JURISDICTION OF THE MOORISH AMERICANSPROCLAMATION OF STATUSAVERMENT OF JURISDICTIONMOORISH AMERICAN BIRTHRIGHT OF INDEPENDENCEPREAMBLE OF THE DIVINE CONSTITUTIONTHE DIVINE CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS OF MOORISH AMERICATHE DIVINE AND NATIONALMOVEMENT OF MOORISH AMERICASIGNERS OF THE MOORISH AMERICANDECLARATION PROCLAMATION MOORISH AMERICAN PRAYER  A Holy Covenant Of The Asiatic Nations ã Ye are the children of one Father, provided for by his care; and the breast of one mother hath givenyou suck.ã Let the bonds of affection; therefore, unite thee with thy brothers that peace and happiness maydwell in thy father’s house.ã And when ye separate in the world, remember the relation that bindeth you to love and unity; andprefer not a stranger before thy own blood.ã If thy brother is in adversity, assist him; if thy sister is in trouble, forsake her not.ã So shall the fortunes of thy father contribute to the support of his whole race; and his care be con-tinued to you all, in your love to each other. Amen Date: In the Yearof the Great Prophet of Ali, 119 AB(from 01-08-1886 to 2005 AD)PUBLIC NOTICIS To: Every State, County, and Local Tribunal, of The HonorableUnited States Of America and Supreme Court and Congress; TheInternational Court of Justice, all Free National Governments, Under Their Free National Constitution, Republics, Monarchies, Family of Nations, Indigenous Peoples of The Earth and the World’s SovereignOrders of The Book, e.g. Moslem, Christian, Hebrew, Hindu and Jew;and every Country, Kingdom, Ingenuous Tribes and Members of theHuman Family, Et Al.  I n the Name ofthe Great God, Father ofthe Universe, the Father ofLove,Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. Hear Ye Now All Creatures Of Thought Wisdom Speaks From The Highest Plane Of Spirit Life For The Redemption Of Man From HisSinful And Fallen Stage Of Humanity Back To The Highest Plane Of Life Through The: Proclamation Of Status And JurisdictionOf The Moorish Americans In the course of human events The Founding Fathers of The United States brought forth on thisContinent two new Nations. One, themselves, a conglomerate of Pale Skin Descendants from theNations of Europe. The other Nation, a Comity of Olive Skin Nationals extracted from variousCountries affixed indigenously to the North Western and South Western Shores of Africa, yet latentin slavery. Now, in the plan of Universal Justice, it has become necessary for the latter, standing intheir Proper Person, to proclaim their true Free National Status, thus dissolving the political bands andassumable jurisdictions of the former.We, the Continental Natives, descendants of Moroccans from the Old Moorish Empire, whose Ancient Forefathers received permission from the Pharaohs of Ancient Kemet (Egypt) to settle andinhabit North West Africa. In those days Egypt was the Capital Empire of the Dominion and Kingdomsof Africa as Washington, DC. is the Capital of the Sovereign United States today. The IllustriousLineage of Moorish American Ancestry reveals they were the Founders and are the true possessorsof the present Moroccan Empire with its dominion and habitation of kingdoms, Nations, Tribes andFamilies of North West and South West Africa extending across the great Atlantis even unto the pres-ent North, Central and South Americas and also Mexico and Atlantis Islands; before the greatEarthquake which caused the great Atlantic Ocean. We are born in the Image and Likeness of OneOmnipotent Creator, The Great God and indigenous to the Continental Lands of the Americas thensubjected to the assumable jurisdictions of the various United States under Slave Labels abolishedsince 1865. Proclamation Of Status The advent of We, The Moorish Americans, were Divinely Ordained forth into rightful existence, indue time, as a Nation, by the will of the Great God at the abolishment of slavery, as ratified by theUnited States Congressional Thirteenth Amendment in 1865 A.D. This Congressional Manumissionof the Sons and Daughters of Africa brought to light a New Nation of People upon the Earth. TheseNew Nation of West African descendants have now come to lawfully link themselves again with thefamilies of nations and to worship under their own vine and fig tree, which have been the inheritedBirthrights of all Men through the descendent nature of their Ancient Forefathers. This is the true andinalienable inheritance to every member of the human family and nation upon the Earth. And TheMoorish Americans are a part and parcel of the Human Family.The Moorish Americans are not Negroes, Colored Folks or Black People, etc. because theseNames were given to Slaves by Slaveholders in 1779 and lasted until 1865 during the time of duly
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