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Brandon Hendzel Psychology 3rd Hour Smashed 1. Author Information: a. Koren Zailckas i. Zailckas’ had a decade-long struggle with alcohol abuse, starting at the age of fourteen. ii. Her book Smashed debuted in 2005 and became a New York Times best seller. iii. Koren is a very sensitive woman to the actions of others in the novel. iv. She seems a bit eccentric and emotionally unstable. She seems to be described as a character with average intelligence and appearance. 2. Purpose: a. Old memories:
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  Brandon HendzelPsychology3 rd Hour Smashed1.   Author Information:a.   Koren Zailckasi.   Zailckas’ had a decade -long struggle with alcohol abuse, starting at theage of fourteen.ii.   Her book Smashed debuted in 2005 and became a New York Times bestseller.iii.   Koren is a very sensitive woman to the actions of others in the novel.iv.   She seems a bit eccentric and emotionally unstable. She seems to bedescribed as a character with average intelligence and appearance.2.   Purpose:a.   Old memories:i.   After she quit drinking old memories began to reoccur and the only wayshe could cope with them was to write about them, later turning into thebook.b.   Memory:i.   Zailckas wanted to remember some of the events from her black outs andthrough writing she was able to put together different pieces until sheknew the events that occurred.3.   Author’s Qualifications:  a.   This was the first book that Zailckas wrote and she had no prior experiencewriting a novel before.b.   Zailckas started writing other books about other abuses and events after thepublication of this book.4.   Author Biases:a.   There are no author biases because this book is a memoir, and she doesn’t seem to give any personal opinions only the thoughts she had about her experiences.5.   Summary of Events:a.   Tells the story from the beginning or as the start of her problemi.   First time drinking with her friend Natalieii.   First drinking partyb.   Talks about her decline by avoiding what was best for her.c.   Koren sneaks out to go to partiesd.   Consequences should have warned her about what she was becominge.   Example from book: Halloween double datef.   Example: Vacation at condo and drinking partyg.   Alcohol becomes her cure to a shattered life at home and it eases her pain  h.   She believes that her problem is not an addiction as she starts to go morefrequently to parties with alcohol.i.   Koren starts to have blackouts of events that happened when she drinks. j.   Example form book: Coma incidentk.   She starts to forget about the important events in her life and she can onlyremember specific things pertaining to drinkingl.   In college she becomes a more heavy drinker and drinks solely to getdrunk(Smashed)m.   She explains how she experiments with alcohol instead of studying for collegeexams.n.   Alcohol becomes her problem and it has changed her, making her personalityless shy, not as uptight, and more outgoing.o.   She wants to end her drinking and rehab doesn’t seem like an answer becauseshe doesn’t believe she has a problem.  p.   She explains how she never knew she had an addiction until she tried to quitbecause it was really hard for her to do so.q.   She self-motivates herself and gets family support to lose her addiction.6.   Personal Review:a.   I believe that this book was intended for high school students, and alcoholaddicts with the intent of motivating the to avoid or stop drinking.b.   This book is written very well and the style seems informal because the languageis very crude and uncensored, with the intention of showing her thoughtsthrough her actions.c.   I also thought that her story touches the reader because I could feel myself beingin her shoes, and seeing how drinking has changed her life and prevented herfrom accomplishing her full potential.7.   Relation to Psychology:a.   Koren can’t explain why alcohol became the solution to a problem she never had.b.   This problem with alcohol abuse has become to define her both mentally andphysically, making her a person that she is not.c.   Zailckas explains how alcohol wasn’t an addiction, when it continuously changed her and became the problem to all the issues that she had.d.   She explains the withdrawal process and her mental state of being during thistime.Works CitedZailckas, Koren. Smashed: story of a drunken girlhood  . New York: Viking, 2005. Print.
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