ST Bulletin March 31 2012

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Bulletin sponsored by: A-1 R-1 SYSTEMS serving Bergen County for 25 yrs. 24/7 Central Monitoring & 24/6 Service. KEN MILLER can help you protect your family with State of the Art Security & Flexible terms. Free estimate: 917 209-8747 ‫שבת פרשת צו שבת הגדול‬ Benjamin Yudin, Rabbi 8 Nissan, 5772 March 31, 2012  Erev Shabbat Candle - Lighting: 7:01PM Mincha: 7:06PM  Daf Yomi 8:00AM  Shacharit 7:45/ 8:45/ 9:00AM  Sof Zman Kriyas Shema: 9:53 AM  Rabbi Steven Weil’s Shabbos Hagadol Drasha – “So
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  Bulletin sponsored by: A-1 R-1 SYSTEMS serving Bergen County for 25 yrs. 24/7 Central Monitoring & 24/6 Service.KEN MILLER can help you protect your family with State of the Art Security & Flexible terms. Free estimate: 917 209-8747 לודגה תבש   וצ תשרפ תבש   Benjamin Yudin, 8 Nissan, 5772 March 31, 2012 Andrew Markowitz,Rabbi Assistant Rabbi  Erev Shabbat Candle - Lighting: 7:01PM  Mincha: 7:06PM  Daf Yomi 8:00AM  Shacharit 7:45/ 8:45/ 9:00AM  Sof Zman Kriyas Shema: 9:53 AM  Rabbi Steven Weil’s Shabbos Hagadol Drasha –   “So Strange a Choice” 5:35PM  Mincha: 6:50PM  Dvar Torah at Seudah Shlishit w/ Rabbi Weil  Shabbat ends: 8:15PMParsha : Artscroll: p568 The Living Torah: p520 Hertz: p429 /  Haftorah : Artscroll: p1220 The Living Torah: p1289 Hertz: p1005 Welcome to our Shabbos Hagadol Scholar in Residence Rabbi Steven Weil  – Executive Vice President of the OU. RabbiWeil will give shiurim at the Friday N ight Dinner “The Two Greatest Challenges Facing Orthodox Je wry in the 21st Century” , Shabbos Luncheon “Men Are From Mars Women From Venus - The Jewish Version” and the Shabbos Hagadol Drasha “So Strange   A Choice” . Rabbi Weil will also give a dvar torah at the Young Couples Minyan as well asat Seudah shlishit.Our Scholar in Residence, Rabbi Weil, is co-sponsored by Ann and Joel Pogolowitz in memory of Tzvi Lab ben EliyahuAvraham A”H , Joel ’ s grandfather C.H. Fine and Aharon Ben Avraham Moshe A”H , Ann's father Aaron Schwartz and byDavid and Eve Thaler and Family, in Memory of David's Father, Yitzchak Ben Yom Tov Lipman A”H , Isaac Thaler.Kiddush:    Shabbos Hagadol Dinner / Lunch sponsored by:Jo-Ann and Mitchel Ashkanazy, Golda and Michael Breban, Sharon andMichael Glass, Myrna and Barry Gore, Annette and Jerry Kranson, Ruth and Phil Lerner    Kiddush downstairs: Follows davening      Youth Kiddush: sponsored by Karen and Michael Berman      Seudah Shlishit: follows mincha     Thank You:    The Baal Kriah  –   Upstairs - Y. Loewy, M. Gottlieb, D. Schwartz Young Couples- J. Jarashow Youth Minyan- E. Brauner,S. Eisenstadter, B. Kestenbaum, A. Levin, A. Schreiber, J. Tamarov   Mazal Tov to:    Gloria Baron on the Bar Mitzvah of her grandson Adam Baron  Bette and Yossi Herbert on the birth of their new grand daughter Leah Malka, born to their children Adina and Zvi Dubin.  Sonya and Bernard Krutz on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson Adam Baron Refuah Shelaimah to:  Bernice Grossman (Breina bat Leah), Leah Goldman (Leah Golda bat Esther Frimmet), Evelyne Hait (Esther Frimmet batRaizel), Ceil Heller (Tzivia Rivka bat Naomi Chedvah), Regina Klepfisz (Rivka bat Tzipporah Sima), Jeff Packard (ChayimZelig ben Sarah Rivkah), Stuart Schochet (Shimon Yaakov HaKohen ben Chava Sheindel), Lola Weisfeld (Leah Devorahbat Priba Tziral), Talya bat Yehudit Shlomit & Avichai ben Rivka.  In Our Shul:      Mechirat Chametz with Rabbi Yudin continues : Sunday April 1, 9-11PM, Mon April 2, 9-10AM, Tuesday April 3, 8-9AM. HechsherKeilim Sunday April 1, 8-10PM.    Torah Tuesday Learning and Breakfast on April 3, is dedicated by David Karpel to commemorate the yahrzeit of Mildred Karpel A”H, mother of David K arpel.  The shul has made arrangements with the Fair Lawn Food Pantry, to provide the opportunity as you clean for Pesach, toleave your UNOPENED, NON EXPIRED , food Chometz for the needy in Fair Lawn. A box for food drop off, NO LATERTHAN WEDNESDAY APRIL 4 , is in the Shul lobby  Please contact Rabbi Yudin if you are able to plan a siyum eruv Pesach, Friday April 6.  Please remember to make an Eruv Tavshilin on Thursday April 12.    Now is the time to purchase SCRIP for your Pesach shopping . SCRIP is available at Shoprite, Pathmark, Glatt Express,Food Showcase, Maadan,and all local kosher merchants. SCRIP can be purchased on line If more information is required you can contact Milty Frank directly at 201 796-8260 or   Please note the following Simcha Kiddushim  dates :  April 21, May 19 and June 16, 2012. To sponsor a Simcha Kiddush,please contact Alla Kavesh or Lina Fleyshmakher.  The Torah Tuesday at Night Dinner and Learning Program for men and women taking place on Thursday evening April19 th , 2012 is sponsored by Marilyn and Michael Bodner in commemoration of the 10 th   yahrzeit of George Schneider A”H ; byMyrna and Barry Gore in honor of Rabbi Yudin for his dedication and effort making theTorah Tuesday Program a success;  and by an anonymous sponsor to be announced at the evening of the program. The guest speaker will be Rabbi NeilWinkler , his topic will be, “Malchut - Command or Accomodation”. There is no charge for the evening with a reservationmade by April 16. After this date there will be a $10.00 charge.To make a reservation contact Mendy Aron or e-mail     Torah Tuesday’s 6 th annual breakfast will be held on Sunday May 6 th 2012 . Ralph Cheifetz will be this year’s honoree . A Specialmemorial dedication honoring Regina Bowski will take place at the breakfast this year. For reservations and sponsorships contactMendy Aron at form to make a reservation and/or sponsor the event with all the information can be found in the rack of the shul lobby.  To sponsor a Seudah Shlishit please call Esther Silvestri at 201 741-5341    Wine Pick Up will be available   in the Shul   Sunday April 1 beginning with the zman mincha 7:10PM through the 9PM MaarivMinyan.   Matzah pickup will also be available for those that have not yet picked up their orders.      The charity fund reminds everyone that Pesach is fast approaching . Your Maot Chitim donation to the Charity Fund willgo a long way towards helping those in need have a true zissen Pesach.    Important Mikvah Notice:   For bulletins Friday March 30  – Friday April 13 : Please note the following change ofschedule: 1. Beginning Sunday, March 25, 2012, weekday mikva hours will be 8:30 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. 2. Any arrival after9:30 P.M. will be charged an additional late fee of $25. 3.The mikva continues to be open on Motzei Shabbat and MotzeiYom Tov 1 hour 15 minutes after Shabbat or Yom Tov ends, and stays open for 1½ hours. Please note that any arrival after½ hour before closing will be charged an additional late fee of $25.On Motzei Pesach, April 14, 2012 only, the mikva will beopen 10:00 P.M. - 11:30 P.M. Please call the mikva tape regularly for updates and important information. Please call DossyBrandstatter with any questions or concerns 201-796-5839.    Please remember not to park in the Mikvah spots when coming to the zman and 9PM maariv minyanim. In our Nursery School:  Registration is open for 2012-13 school year. Special discount for shul members. Call Debbie (201)791-6744 for info.   In Our Community:    Yom Hashoah Holocaust Memorial Day  – Wednesday, April 18 2012 at 6:30PM in Temple Beth Shalom 40-25 Fair Lawn, Avenue.Keynote Speaker: Dr. David Marwell, Director, Museum of Jewish Heritage, NYC.    Sunday April 1 visit the Daughters of Miriam . Davening starts at 8:45AM followed by breakfast and Bikur Cholim.    Young Israel of Fairlawn shiurim ,Rabbi Frand, Thurs 9pm,Rabbi Reisman Motzei Shabbos 9:00 pm. Rabbi Schaffer Mon 7:55 pm Pachim K’Tanim from Rabbi Yudin : DAVENINGTIMES  SUNApril 19 NissanMONApril 210 NissanTUESApril 311 NissanWEDApril 412 NIssanTHURSApril 513 Nissan   FRIApril 6Eruv Pesach14 NissanSHABBOSApril 715 NissanPesach 1 Earliest Tallis & Tephilin:   5:41AM SOF ZMAN K’ SHEMA:   9:52AM5:40AM9:51AM5:39AM9:50AM5:37AM9:48AM5:35AM9:47AM5:35AM9:47AM5:33AM9:45AM Shacharit 6:30/ 7:008:00/ 9:00AM5:45/ 6:30/7:45AM5:55/ 6:30/7:45AM5:55/ 6:30/7:45AM5:45/ 6:30/7:45AM5:35/ 6:30/7:45AM7:45/ 8:45/9:00AM Mincha:(Earliest) 2PM/ 7:10PM7:10PM1:31PM7:10PM1:31PM   7:10PM1:31PM   7:10PM1:31PM   Candle-lighting:7:09PMMincha: 7:14PM   Mincha:7:05 PM Maariv 7:40/9:00PM7:40/9:00PM7:40/9:00PM7:40/9:00PM7:40/9:00PMCandle Lighting8:23 PM TORAHSTUDYSUN4/1   MON4/2TUES4/3WED4/4THURS4/5   FRI4/6SHABBOS4/7   S. ALTERDAF YOMI7:45AM6:30AM8:00PM w/ZviLoewy   6:30AM8:00 PM w/ Ely Lenik6:30AM8:00PM w/ Ari Mayefsky6:30AM8:00PM w/ Rabbi YaakovLangsner6:30AM 6:20 PMGEMORAH 7:30AM 7:30AM 7:30AM 7:30AM 7:30AMSHIURIM/ OTHER MONDAYS:9AM: Torah Tuesday onMonday 7:30PM Ladies Tehillim 8-9PM Basics in Judaism w/ Rabbi Yudin 9AM TORAH TUESDAY 8:15PM Women’s shiur w/ RabbiMarkowitz 9AM: Sefer HaChinuchfor women w/ RabbiYudin 8:15PM   Men’s shiur w/ Rabbi Markowitz 9:15PM : Rabbi Yudin’s Gemara Shiur 9AM: Torah Tuesday onThursday 9:15- 10PM Parsha Chumash andRashi w/ Rabbi Yudin Rabbi’s Shiur    5:20 PM
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