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Raffles Institution English Language Arts Year One Name: ______________________ ( Level and marks Components 1. Pronunciation  Articulation  Enunciation  Accuracy [4 marks] Very clear and accurate articulation Word endings are well enunciated almost all the time No errors 2. Use of Voice  Volume  Tone  Stress  Pace  Voice Variation [4 marks] Words and phrases are very appropriately stressed all the time; no error in use of stress Loud and clear; strong voice Varied and appropriate use of
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  Raffles InstitutionEnglish Language ArtsYear OneName: ______________________ ( ) Class: ____ Date: __________ Score: /20 Level andmarksComponents Accomplished4Proficient3Intermediate2Beginner 1 1.Pronunciation   Articulation  Enunciation   Accuracy [4 marks] Very clear andaccurate articulationWord endings are wellenunciated almost allthe timeNo errorsClear and accuratearticulationWord endings aregenerally wellenunciated1-2 errorsFairly clear andaccurate articulationWord endings areenunciated fairly well3-4 errorsGenerally unclear articulation of wordsWord endings notwell enunciatedMore than 5 errors 2.Use of Voice  Volume  Tone  Stress  Pace  Voice Variation [4 marks] Loud and clear; strongvoiceVaried and appropriateuse of pitch and tonethroughout deliveryWords and phrases arevery appropriatelystressed all the time;no error in use of stressStory is narrated at anappropriate pacethroughout thepresentationVoice variation usedand these enhancedelivery wellLoud enough to beheard comfortably Appropriate use of pitch and tone for most of thepresentationWords and phrasesare appropriatelystressed most of thetime; one or twoerrors in the use of word stressStory is mostlynarrated at anappropriate paceVoice variation whichenhance thepresentation andthese enhancedeliveryCan be heard but is alittle soft sometimesUse of pitch and tonefairly appropriate butoccasionallyunsuitableWords and phrasesare fairly well-stressed but morethan three errors inthe use of wordstressStory is narrated at afairly appropriatepace but isinappropriately pacedat pointsVoice variation usedbut these do notenhance thepresentationToo soft to be heardFlat tone; Use of pitchand tone weak ingeneral andfrequently unsuitableWords and phrasesare stressed at times;many errors in use of stress are alsoobservedStory is narrated tooquickly or too slowly;pace is inappropriateLacks different voicesor characters;minimal or no voicevariation 3.Face/Body/Gesture Varied facial Facial expressions Facial expressions Hardly any facial 1RI ENG DEPT / 2012 Storytelling RubricSummative Assessment   Facial Expression  Body language andposture  Gesture [4 marks] expressions whichenhance the interestvalue of the deliveryare used significantlyVery good use of bodylanguage seenthroughout thepresentation, appearsconfident and is incontrolUses gesturesappropriately most of the time; gesturesenhance deliverysignificantlywhich enhance theinterest value of thepresentation are usedto some extentGood use of bodylanguage seen mostof the time andappears confidentUses gestures oftenand gesturesenhance delivery tosome extentused but they do notenhance the value of the presentationShows attempts touse hands and bodyto clarify meaning or emphasis the story;tries to appear confidentUses gesturesoccasionally butgestures do notenhance deliveryexpressions used; if any shown, they donot enhance theinterest value of thepresentationFrozen hands andbody; appearsnervous and lackingin confidenceGestures distract or have little to do withstory 4.Story  Grasp of Story  Fluency  Clarity of meaning [4 marks]  Excellent grasp of thestory; Clear and fluentdelivery; brings thestory to life with anunforgettablepresentationKnows the story verywell; story flowssmoothly; does nothave to stop andremember Knows the story quitewell; pauses and/or stutters occasionally;able to remember most of storyDoes not know storywell; pauses andstutters often; missesout important details 5.Audience  Eye contact  Responding to Audience  Engagement level [4 marks] Eye contact ismaintained throughout Attends closely to theaudience and adjustsdelivery to cater to theaudienceVery engagingthroughout; delivery isexpressiveEye contact ismaintained most of the timeResponds toaudience reactionmost of the time byadjusting deliveryEngaging most of thetime; delivery isexpressive most of the timeEye contact is madeoccasionallyWaits for audience tobe ready, watches for audience reactionand changes paceand volume inresponseoccasionallyEngaging atmoments; delivery isexpressive at timesHardly any eyecontact is madeStarts beforeaudience is ready;races to the end of the story withoutwatching for responseof audienceNot engaging;delivery is dull anduninterestingRemarks 2RI ENG DEPT / 2012
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