STPM Trials 2009 Biology Answer Scheme Terengganu

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ANSWER SCHEME BIOLOGY STPM PAPER 1 TRIAL/ OTI 2 2009 Q 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 ANSWER B B A B B A A C D B B C A D D A B C D A B D C C C Q 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 ANSWER C A B A D B C C B A A C D B D 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 A C A B A C D C C C Marking Scheme- Trial STPM 2009 Paper 2 1(a) (b) © (d) (e) (f) Dissacharide 1,4 glycosidic bond Condensation Act as energy source/ storage Glycogen It is not dissolve in water/compact
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  ANSWER SCHEME BIOLOGY STPMPAPER 1 TRIAL/ OTI 2 2009Q ANSWER Q ANSWER1 B 26 C2 B 27 A3 A 28 B4 B 29 A5 B 30 D6 A 31 B 7 A 32 C 8 C 33 C 9 D 34 B 10 B 35 A 11 B 36 A 12 C 37 C 13 A 38 D 14 D 39 B 15 D 40 D 16 A 41 A17 B 42 C18 C 43 A19 D 44 B20 A 45 A21 B 46 C22 D 47 D23 C 48 C24 C 49 C25 C 50 C    Marking Scheme- Trial STPM 2009Paper 2 1(a)(b) © (d)(e)(f)(g)Dissacharide1,4 glycosidic bondCondensationAct as energy source/ storageGlycogenIt is not dissolve in water/compactDoes not increase the osmotic pressure of the cellStore more energy-Humans do not have the cellulose enzyme- that can digest the 1,4 glycosidic bonds between the glucose monomerthat made up glucose TOTAL 1111111111 10M 2(a)(i)(ii)(b)(c )(i)(ii)Step 1 : TranscriptionStep 2 : TranslationA : DNAB : mRNAC : Polypeptide-The double helix DNA unzip and one of the strand act as the template.-(The template) is used to form (a single stranded) mRNA.-The free nucleotides are attached together based on the complementarybase pairing principles ( between DNA and RNA )- by the role- Enzyme can be reuse/repeatedly- The product is not contaminated with enzyme- The enzyme can be used at a wider temperature and pH- Trap in an carrier matrix such as resin- Place in gel like silica- Bind by covalent bond in matrix like cellulose TOTAL 111 correct= 0m2 correct= 1m3 correct= 2mMax =2 m1111Any2=2m111Any2= 2m111 10M    3 (a)(b)( c )(d)P :aceytil coAQ : α ketoglutarat  R : malatS : 0xaloacetatThe matrix of the mitochondria - it function as coenzyme,to carry out oxidation-reduction reactions - acts as hydrogen acceptor to remove hydrogen atom and electronfrom a substrate - Then passed to the electron transport system for ATP production5 , 3, 3Glycerate-3-phosphate - transfer energyRibulose phosphate - supplies phosphate (and transfer energy)NADPH and ATP /products of light-dependent reaction needed to convert-glycerate 3-phosphate to triose phosphate TOTAL 3-4= 2m1-2= 1m1111Any2=2m11111 10M 4 (a)(b) © (d) (i)(ii)(iii)M : Sigmoid curve // Limited growthN : Intermittent growthM : The growth of the organism continues throughout lifeN : The growth patern shows periods of extremely rapid growth follow byperiods where there is little or no growth // Discontinuos growthGrowth as represented by increase in organic materials such as proteins iscontinuousGrowth curve which uses length as a parameter is therefore not a truereflection of growth- Germination occurred in darkness ( not photosynthesis )- Starch had been hydrolysed into sugar- (which was) used for cellular respiration / other metabolicActivities- Embryo needs energy- Cellulose was synthesized to make new cell wall (duringthe process of growth ) TOTAL 111111111Any 2 =2m11 10M   NO. SUGGESTED ANSWER MARK5(a) Fibrous proteins Globular proteins-do not have a tertiary structure. Thesecondary structure is the mostimportant-polypeptide chains are cross-linked atinterval (to form long fibers//sheet)-insoluble in water, due to the largenumber of hydrophobic R groups-amino acid sequence may vary slightly-the length of polypeptide may vary intwo samples of the same fibrousprotein-amino acid sequence is remarkableregular-perform structural function.-e.g. keratin/fibroin/collagen-have a tertiary structure. Quaternarystructure may or may not be present-polypeptide chain is tightly folded to form aspherical shape-dissolve in water (to form colloidalsolutions), due to the hydrophilic R groups-amino acid sequence is highly specific(never varies) between two samples-the length of polypeptide is identical in twosamples-amino acid sequence rarely exhibitregularities-perform metabolic functions-e.g. enzymes/I1/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/0total 8Mmax 75(b)i diffusion osmosis-net movement of solute /solventmolecules down a concentrationgradient-membrane may or may not bepresent. If present it is a fullypermeable-net movement of water molecules down awater potential gradient-involves a partially permeable membrane(permeable to water but not solutemolecules1/01/0total 2MNO. SUGGESTED ANSWER MARK5(b)ii.Phagocytosis Pinocytosis-material taken into cell is in solid form-selective process (cell candiscriminate between particles takeninto the cell and those not taken intocell-particles are taken into cell byinvagination of membrane or bypseudopodia-material taken into cell is in liquid form-not selective (substances dissolve insurrounding medium will be taken into cell-liquid is taken into cell by invagination ofmembrane1/01/01/0total 3M5(b)iii.-molecular size of the substance-solubility of the substance in lipid-charge on the particle of the substance111total 3M
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