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  BROADBAND NETWORK SOLUTIONS  /// FACEPLATES FACEPLATES For AMP NETCONNECT SL Series, E Series and KL Series Jacks With its modern design, TE Connectivity’s faceplates improve the appearance of outlet areas that house data and telephony connectors in everything from classrooms and hospitals to offices and homes. Engineered for residential and commercial applications, our single gang faceplates feature a sleek 2¾” x 4½” profile and other features not available with traditional models. There is a wide range of port configurations, including single gang in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-port and double gang in 6-, 8- and 12-port. Faceplates mount to standard ANSI/NEMA outlet boxes with 3.28 inch [83.34 mm] centerline mounting dimensions (distance between screws).Labeling and non-labeled options are available. Labeling models feature mold-over icon and leveling and convex labels for maximum visibility in low density areas. The larger radius on the faceplate edge and the convex shape of the label covers allow labels to be more easily viewed from above when faceplates are behind furniture. The contour flip down label also stays attached to the faceplate for easy label replacement. Extender kits can be used to add 0.5 inches of space between the mounting surface and the faceplate. SL SERIES FACEPLATES ã Compatible with AMP-TWIST jacks, SL Series jacks, MT-RJ outlet jacks, and SL Series multimedia and fiber inserts E SERIES AND KL SERIES FACEPLATES ã Compatible with E Series, KL and TrueNet jacks and insertsã Port opening: IEC 60603-7 variant 03, 0.760” (19.3 mm)Single Gang (no label covers)Single Gang (with label covers)Double Gang (with label covers)Extender Kit  Contact us: Greensboro, NC USA 27409-8420 Tel: 1-800-553-0938 Fax: 1-717-986-7406 www.te.com/EnterpriseNetworks PRODUCT SHEET te.com AMP NETCONNECT, AMP-TWIST, TrueNet, TE Connectivity, TE connectivity (logo), Every Connection Counts, are trademarks. All other logos, products and/or company names referred to herein might be trademarks of their respective owners.The information given herein, including drawings, illustrations and schematics which are intended for illustration purposes only, is believed to be reliable. However, TE Connectivity makes no warranties as to its accuracy or completeness and disclaims any liability in connection with its use. TE Connectivity‘s obligations shall only be as set forth in TE Connectivity‘s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale for this product and in no case will TE Connectivity be liable for any incidental, indirect or consequential damages arising out of the sale, resale, use or misuse of the product. Users of TE Connectivity products should make their own evaluation to determine the suitability of each such product for the specific application.© 2015 TE Connectivity Ltd. family of companies All Rights Reserved. 318383.2AE 06/15 Revision Faceplates For AMP NETCONNECT SL Series󰀬 E Series and KL Series Jacks Note: Replace X with desired color󰀺   (Part Number) -1  = Almond (Part Number) -2  = Black (Part Number) -4  = Gray 1-  (Part Number)  -1  = Electrical Ivory 1-  (Part Number) -3  = Alpine White Example:  1375055 -1  for Almond, 1- 1375055 -3  for Alpine White Product DescriptionPart NumberSL SERIES No labelsSingle Gang 󰀱-port󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀲󰀱-XSingle Gang 󰀲 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀲󰀲-XSingle Gang 󰀳 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀲󰀳-XSingle Gang 󰀴 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀲󰀴-XSingle Gang 󰀶 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀲󰀵-XWith labelsSingle Gang 󰀱-port󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀰󰀸-XSingle Gang 󰀲 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀰󰀹-XSingle Gang 󰀳 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀱󰀰-XSingle Gang 󰀴 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀱󰀱-XSingle Gang 󰀴 ports (horizontal orientation)󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀲󰀰󰀳-XSingle Gang 󰀶 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀱󰀲-XDouble Gang 󰀶 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀱󰀳-XDouble Gang 󰀸 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀱󰀴-XDouble Gang 󰀱󰀲 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀱󰀵-X E SERIES AND KL SERIES No labelsSingle Gang 󰀱-port󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀴󰀹-XSingle Gang 󰀲 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀵󰀰-XSingle Gang 󰀳 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀵󰀱-XSingle Gang 󰀴 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀵󰀲-XSingle Gang 󰀶 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀵󰀳-XWith labelsSingle Gang 󰀱-port󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀳󰀶-XSingle Gang 󰀲 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀳󰀷-XSingle Gang 󰀳 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀳󰀸-XSingle Gang 󰀴 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀳󰀹-XSingle Gang 󰀴 ports (horizontal orientation)󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀲󰀴󰀰-XSingle Gang 󰀶 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀴󰀱-XDouble Gang 󰀶 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀴󰀲-XDouble Gang 󰀸 ports󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀰󰀴󰀳-X EXTENDER KIT Dimensions󰀺 󰀵󰀮󰀲󰀱” X 󰀲󰀮󰀸󰀹” X 󰀰󰀮󰀵󰀰” (󰀱󰀳󰀲󰀮󰀳󰀳 mm x 󰀷󰀳󰀮󰀵󰀰 mm x 󰀱󰀲󰀮󰀷󰀰 mm)󰀲󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀲󰀰󰀱-X ORDERING INFORMATION
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