The Constitutional' Delusion

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  Free World Order -- THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE FREEDOM SITE ON THE NET! -- All information FREE! Before leaving this site, please have a quick look at the highlights below to appreciate the scope and value of our information andactivities:Home Page -- FreedomChannels covering wide rangeof aspects and levels of freedom (includingSuperhealth)Freedom / Liberty Portal--Gateway to thousands of freedom-oriented websites --Best place to start your freedom searchPaths To Freedom -- How touse this website -- Explore allof the paths and expand your freedom horizons -- Startusing Freedom TechnologyFreedom Discussion Lists--Free World Order -- AdvancedFreedom Solutions -- FinancialIndependence -- Upgrade Your Life -- etc.Build Freedom Books andReports -- Applying FreedomTechnology to succeed in life --Basic, Practical & AdvancedFreedomFinancial Independence For Freedom Lovers -- LibertyMoney Machines -- MillionaireReports -- BusinessOpportunitiesWebsite Design & Promotion-- Website hosting -- How todesign websites -- How topromote websites -- How tomake websites profitableMake the FWO / BuildFreedomwebsite the startup page for your browser -- click here.  (Check it out to see why) #TL070: THE CONSTITUTIONAL DELUSION By Frederick Mann© Copyright 1997 Build Freedom Holdings ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Notice: This report contains copyrighted material. This information is free for   personal useonly . No part of these materials may be reproduced in any form - except for personal use -without permission from the copyright holder.[Editor Frederick Mann: This report contains two parts; both deal with the falsly-called US Constitution. The first part is by James Hazel, P.O. Box 863, Mount Angel, OR 97362. Contact him for some fascinating freedom information.] PART I: ANTI-CONSTITUTIONALIST  by James HazelYou will find the enclosed articles, published under the Masthead of THE ANTI-CONSTITUTIONALIST, to be factual and provocative. They raise disturbing questionsconcerning the basis of modern government. These questions MUST BE ANSWERED byindividuals who are in search of personal Liberty. Failure to solve the riddles posed by a bewildering Constitution can result, at best, in wasted energy and spirit-crushingfrustration. At worst, failure may result in individual tragedies and collective catastrophe.But an individual cannot answer questions he does not know how to ask; or solve riddles of which he is unaware. That’s where you come in! It’s important that these questions, issuesand riddles be brought to the attention of numerous Americans.It is essential that a dialogue begin to take place concerning the intentions and covertmotives behind the Constitution; and of that instrument’s real purposes, as well as its grave,deleterious effects throughout the history of America. Many of the issues raised in myenclosed articles, have NEVER BEEN ARTICULATED BEFORE! These are indeednovel, CUTTING EDGE CONCEPTS. As you will soon realize -- they are well-documented; and you may wonder why no one, in over 200 years, has raised them before.  You will find one answer to that question in 'THE PSYCHOLOGY OF GULLIBILITY,'which is included herein.For the benefit of your subscribers and readers, I urge you to reprint any or all of theenclosed ANTI-CONSTITUTIONALIST articles that you find of interest. I will appreciateyour giving appropriate credit for the source.I also publish some powerful, mind-boggling, and thoroughly- documented reviews andcommentaries -- for details, contact: James Hazel, P.O. Box 863, Mount Angel, OR 97362.I Thank you in advance for taking the time to examine and review the enclosures. But beforewarned: they may knock your socks off! THAT CUNNING CONSTITUTION On September 17, 1787, thirty-nine clever businessmen proposed a Constitution for theUnited States of America. Today, those 39 men are memorialized as the Founding Fathers.A more perfect title for the consortium would be the Fleecing Fathers!With unparalleled conceit, they styled themselves: We, the People of the United States.  Never before in history had there been a legal body named the People of the UnitedStates. In the Union of Independent States, under the Articles of Confederation, there werecitizens of a State and residents or inhabitants of a State, but no collective status namedPeople of a State or of States. The Fleecing Fathers coined the name for themselves. Their motives were as sinister as the Constitution they tagged after their new name; after: We,the People of the United States, in Order to Form a More Perfect Union... The Charter they crafted was as hallucinatory [emphasis added] as a President’s State of the Union address; wordsmithed to appear innocuous, but in language calculated to slash,kill and indenture the innocents who are lulled to sleep by euphonic rhetoric.Their proposed constitution was advertised as the blueprint for eternal bliss; for peace,safety and order for all free men then living, and for their generations ad infinitum.BUT IN FACT, it provided for that constitution to be a commercial establishment; to beerected in an unapproachable place, above, around, but most particularly BETWEEN thewealthy States of the Union whose names it plagiarized. The face of the Preamble and theseven Articles of Incorporation literally reveal to whom the profits and benefits areassigned: to the Fleecing Fathers (We, the People) and their linear descendants.Did you think the Constitution was a Warm, Fuzzy Sacred Puppy!? LITTLE KNOWN FACTS ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION 1. We, the People of the United States includes ONLY those 39 men who signed theConstitution on September 27, 1787.  2. The only Public Authority vested in the 39 Signers was to propose amendments to theArticles of Confederation. In 1781, those Articles of Confederation had established a perpetual Union of States.3. The Constitution established an entirely different Union, without abolishing the perpetual Union. Its authors did not propose amendments to the Articles of Confederation.They acted individually and collectively in their private capacity.4. The Constitution is a private-law instrument which establishes a commercial monopoly.Its primary place of business or Seat of Government is between and above the States of the perpetual Union.5. The Constitution does not act directly on citizens of the States in perpetual Union excepton those citizens who voluntarily or tacitly consented to be subject to its terms.6. The perpetual Union consisted of only those 13 sovereign States which joined under theArticles of Confederation. No other States have ever been added to that Union.7. All 50 states, which are members of the United States pursuant to the Constitution,are all new States or statuses ; including the srcinal 13 state-names; surreptitiouslyappropriated from the 13 States in perpetual Union.8. Inhabitants, citizens or residents of the 37 district-states which have been admitted to thedifferent, more perfect Union by the Congress, since the first 13 new States were admittedin 1789, have no standing to claim the rights which are reserved to citizens of the sovereignStates in perpetual Union. They may claim their Natural Birthrights, with no organizedgovernment to support and adjudicate their claims. Or they may claim the puny, revocable privileges offered by the Constitution in exchange for their allegiance and servile servitude. THE CONSTITUTION: BLUEPRINT FOR HUMAN BONDAGE The 39 authors of the Constitution, resorted to virtually every editorial trick in the book todraft an instrument which would enable them, and their heirs, to enslave whoever woulddare cross, or be born into, their private es-State.The instrument is all about enslaving the mass of men under the euphemism of voluntaryservitude. To interpret their motives and methods, we examine the Corporate Articleswhich concern human slavery: Article I, Section 9, Clauses 1, 4 and 5, and Article V(which refers to Article I, Section 9). The most pertinent Clause of Article I, provided asfollows: The Migration or importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think  proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year 1808, but a tax or duty may be imposed on such Importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each Person. The 39 inventors of the Private Commercial Constitution were not concerned witheventually abolishing slavery of black men, but with extending coercive servitude to  include ALL men other than themselves and their posterity, while collecting a tax onimport and export of slaves, for the corporate coffer.As provided by Article VII, the Constitution was erected as an Establishment (i.e., a placeof business or commerce) on imaginary lines ABOVE and BETWEEN the States whichwould ratify or agree to it, and which would thereby collectively grant the 39 We, thePeople the private corporate charter they proposed and applied for. Having acquiredabsolute jurisdiction over the places drawn by imaginary lines; they thereafter had theright to charge tolls, fees, duties or taxes for any person or thing that may cross their  private property.Other provisions, including provision for establishing the corporate headquarters in adistrict (of Columbia), situated between states; and the promulgation of new Articles(known as the 13th and 14th amendments ), with their prolific byelaws, made completionof their scheme of mass enslavement, possible. DECODING THE MOTHER OF ALL RIDDLES When is this Union not the Union?In the Preamble of their Corporate Charter, known affectionately as the Constitution for theUnited States of America, the Fleecing Fathers voiced their intent to Form a more perfectUnion. At first glance, a literate student might suspect that the authors of the Articles of Incorporation were unschooled in English Grammar. After all, what educated person wouldadd to a superlative, as in more perfect? First impressions, however, are often wrong.Were the Fleecing Fathers unskilled in the art and science of writing? HARDLY! In almostall cases, their expertise in English Grammar far exceeded that of most modern postgraduates. They were true symbol-aeographers; persons skilled in the art and cunningof making legal instruments.When subjected to the Fog Index, a scientific process for determining the complexity of written matter, the Constitution scores at Grade-Level 26. In other words, comprehensionrequires 26 years of formal academic experience! That’s a high school diploma plus 14years of graduate and postgraduate education. The authors of the Constitution were indeedexperts in the use of language. Where they said ..Form a more perfect Union, that’sexactly what they meant!The toughest riddles to crack and the most amazing magic tricks, are those which focus the victim’s attention away from the solution. In the case of the cunning Constitution, itsauthors pointed to one Union, while creating an entirely different Union; with word-magic[emphasis added]. They formulated a riddle that has begged a solution for over 200 years.Illusionists (liars), however carefully they try to conceal evidence, invariably leave clues bywhich their delusions can be dissipated. The Fleecing Fathers were no exception to theRule of Riddles.
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