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F o re w o rd : T h e R i gh t to He a lth a s a n E xa mple 13 Foreword: The Right to Health as an Example Georg Kohler* 1. Ask any serious philosopher whether there is a conclusive reasoning for the logical validity of human rights and the honest answer will be: No, there is no such conclusive argument but there are many good reasons for acknowledging human rights and, above all – the philosopher will continue – their binding force is currently no longer dependent on any theories and philos
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  13 Foreword: The Right to Health as an Example 1. Ak any eriou pilooper weer ere i a concluive reaoningor e logical validiy o uman rig and e one anwer will be: No,ere i no uc concluive argumen bu ere are many good reaonor acknowledging uman rig and, above all – e pilooper willconinue – eir binding orce i currenly no longer dependen on anyeorie and piloopical reecion bu e expreion o e will o ecommuniy o naion and o a world-encompaing experience, wicumaniy a learned rom i own iory, adoping i and convering iino binding law.For ure, i ound raer paeic, bu in i pecial cae, i i com-menurae wi e maer a and. For i i e iorically unique igna-ure o e 21st cenury a a global civilizaion a currenly arien, noonly on e level o ecnical, economic, and communicaive procee,bu a a worldwide, normaive agreemen a alo come or wic, inpie o all culural and religiou dierence o umaniy, i clear on iparicular poin: Ta every uman being oug o ave e rig o devel-op a reely a poible, or no oer reaon an a e or e i a umanbeing. 2. O coure, “a reely a poible” will no be underood in e ameway everywere, bu a i no objecion o e equally aoniing, a wella acually maer-o-coure ac, a uman rig (wi eir core o e Foreword: Te Rigo Heal a an Example Georg Koler*  14 Realizing the Right to Health poiive and negaive auonomy o eac individual) are no longer a mereuopia o ome ideali, bu an indipuable, world-ocieal realiy bring-ing abou muliple eec.Ti i aoniing becaue e univeraliy o i oug wa ill be-ing callenged a a maer o principle in e 20th cenury: In e name o powerul raci, imperiali and oaliarian ideologie, enemy concep anddeadly oppoiion ruled in many par o e world, denying o e oerin eac cae e equaliy o bir on principle. Te oer peron wa – a an“enemy o e people” or a an “Unermenc” (ubuman) – noing bue rigle objec o oreign uperioriy.O coure, I do no claim a uc maer o aniuman deprivaiono rig are no longer appening. Bu e novely and ingulariy o epreen reide in e ac a e eablied uman rig o develop areely a poible procribe em a uc and igmaize em immedi-aely a injuice. 3. And ye: I i no a maer o coure or u uman being o be ableo “walk in e oe o anoer peron”? I i no preciely i baic o-cial ac wic allow or cooperaion and civilizing progre? I i no ue elemenary experience o primary imilariy and equaliy o uman be-ing – or, i you wi: Te primary experience o e rigulne o uman-rig-claim – e ground on wic uman vialiy wa able o develop ine fr place? I e queion i ormulaed in i way, e reply i clear. All e more preing i e dicoure on i caue wic could block, andkeep blocking, a clear anwer and i conequence. 4. Human rig are an idea wi de aco eec: A normaive poweroppoing reigning circumance in muliple apec. Ti become moeviden wen i i all abou realizing uman rig, i. e. o urn general de-mand ino concree claim and commimen.Every uman being oug o be able o lead a el-deermined lie o ara poible. Eac peron ould be able o exi in peace and ecuriy. Eacperon oug o be able o ay wa e or e mean. Se ould learn wae i capable o doing. We oug o be allowed o join womoever we wio; and o on. And ereore alo: We ould be allowed o be ealy – novicim o illnee and circumance, wic can all oo eaily be decodeda e reul o avoidable bad luck and unju burden.  15 Foreword: The Right to Health as an Example Te problem o realizing e idea o uman rig – and in paricular o-cuing on e rig o eal – enable u o perceive wa immene akare ied o i aerion. Bu in working oward ulflling ee ak weare equally able o experience were and ow ey are o be accomplied.We learn a realizing uman rig i an objecive a i ar rom avingbeen accomplied bu i need no be a poor uopia. * i caper wa srcinally wrien by e auorin German and ranlaed ino Engli by SaloméHangarner.  562 ca. Prior to coming to PHR, Ms. Kalloch workedin philanthropy and eco-tourism, and spent overa year doing research on gender, economics andcommunity management in ishing communitiesaround Lake Victoria in East Arica. Ms. Kallochreceived a BA, magna cum laude, in Social Studiesrom Harvard University in 2000. Ilona Kickbusch received her PhD rom the Univer-sity o Konstanz (Germany) and hashad a distinguished career with theWorld Health Organization (WHO)and Yale University (USA). She cur-rently heads the new Global HealthProgramme at the Graduate Insti-tute o International and Development Studies,Geneva (Switzerland) and serves as senior healthpolicy adviser to the Swiss Federal Ofce or PublicHealth as well as a range o national and interna-tional organizations. She also is an adjunct proes-sor at Deakin University, Melbourne (Australia).Her most recent book is Health and Modernity  (2007). Further inormation can be ound on herwebsite at Georg Kohler, born in 1945, studied philosophyand law in Zurich and Basel. A-ter his habilitation in philosophy,he lectured in Munich. Since 1994,he has held the proessorial chairor political philosophy at ZurichUniversity. Riikka Koskenmäki, LL. M. (Univ. Helsinki), DEA(IUHEI, Geneva), is a Technical O-icer (Legal) at the World HealthOrganization in Geneva. Prior tothis position, she was a Legal O-icer with the International LabourOrganization and the InternationalHealth Organization, and a Legal Adviser withthe Iran-United States Claims Tribunal. Ms. Ko-skenmäki has also worked as a Special Assistantor the Ministry or Foreign Aairs o Finland, assrcinal member o the OSCE Advisory Panel onthe Prevention o Torture and has served on thepanel since 1998. Mr. Johnson holds a Master’sin Public and Private Management (M. P. P. M.)rom Yale University. He has also been an Asso-ciate Fellow o the Institute or Policy Studies,Washington D. C. and Fellow o Albert EinsteinInstitute, Cambridge, Mass. He has received theDavid W. Preus Leadership Award (2003), theTwin Cities International Citizen Award (1999),the Letelier-Moitt Human Rights Award (1982)and the Archbishop John Ireland Award or Dis-tinguished Service to Justice (1981). Sarah Joseph is a Proessor o Human Rights Lawand the Director o the CastanCentre or Human Rights Law atMonash University, Melbourne. Sheis the lead investigator on an Aus-tralian Research Council grant onthe World Trade Organization andHuman Rights, and has written on various aspectso that issue, including the issue o intellectualproperty protection and access to medicines. Shehas also published in many areas o human rights,on topics such as corporations and human rights,the International Covenant on Civil and PoliticalRights, and sel determination. She has also co-authored a book on Australian constitutional law. Sarah Kalloch currently serves as Outreach andConstituency Organizing Directorat Physicians or Human Rights.Part o her work includes managingPHR’s collaboration with the ActionGroup or Health, Human Rightsand HIV/AIDS Uganda (AGHA)and the Kenya Health Rights Advocacy Forum(HERAF). PHR, AGHA and HERAF work togetherto engage Ugandan and Kenyan health proes-sionals in human rights and AIDS advocacy net-works, which bring their powerul voice to deci-sion makers, create positive change around AIDSand help build civil society capacity in East Ari-  Authors
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