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    CHAPTER I 1    INTRODUCTION  Lots of people in our country are engaged in many illegalactivities just to earn money. One of these illegal activities is the use of dynamites in catching fish. This is an activity using an explosivedevice that kills many fishes, coral reefs and other creatures under thesea. This illegal activity is mostly done by people who believe that thisis the best way of catching fish. They do not care about small fishesand other creatures under the sea. Arent they aware of the possibleoutcomes behind this illegal doing!, if they continue this kind of activity, it will have a big impact to our ecosystem and also to their lives because of the accidents and injuries received by the fishermanafter the explosion. ynamite fishing is done not only in the#hilippines but in other parts of the world as well. TITLE: T$%& '(&)(*+ &afe, &ave, and &ustain-T$%& is a short term for - Three & means &afe fishing, &ave 'ishand &ustain or &ustainable fishing. 2    JUSTIFICATION  The main aim of this study is to stop or end the dynamitefishing, ( decided to conduct this study because ( believe that as oneof the citi/en in ones society, everyone should be responsible on their every action. 0e should sociali/e and talk about this problem andexplain about the possible effects, 1onse2uences and great damageto our %cosystem and lives. Also this Activity wants to raise the awarenessabout 3arine resources conservation. 0e still have time andopportunity to end this kind of illegal doing so it may not lead to moreserious damage in the future.  STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM   ynamite fishing is the activity of using explosives to stun or killschools of fish for easy collection or harvesting fish. This often illegalactivity can be extremely destructive to the surrounding of marineecosystem, as the explosion often destroys the underlying habitatsuch as coral reef that support and serve as the habitat of a fish.  3    $esearchers believe that destructive fishing activity likedynamite fishing is one of the biggest threats to the coral reef ecosystems. 4ased on the research, blown up coral reefs are no more thanrubble fields. The long5term impact associated with blast fishing is thatthere is no natural recovery of the reefs. 1oral reefs are less likely torecover from constant disturbance such as blast fishing than fromsmall disturbance that does not change the physical environment.4last fishing destroys the calcium carbonate coral skeletons and isone of the continual disruptions of coral reefs. (n the (ndo5#acific, thepractice of blast fishing is a main cause of coral reef degradation. As aresult, weakened rubble fields are formed and fish habitat is reduced.The damaged coral reefs from blast fishing lead to instant declines infish species wealth and 2uantity. %xplosives used in blast fishing notonly kill fish but also destroy coral skeletons, creating unbalancedcoral rubble. The elimination of the fish also eliminates the resilienceof the coral reefs to climate change, further hindering their recovery.&ingle blasts cause reefs to recover over 6789 years, whilewidespread blasting, as often practiced, transforms these biodiverseecosystems into continuous unstable rubble. Major problems: 4
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