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TUGAS BAHASA INGGRIS 2 # NAMA : THERESIA WD (18211061) KELAS : 1EA26 JURUSAN : MANAJEMEN UNIVERSITAS GUNADARMA 2011-2012 I. Tense and Classification A. Tenses TENSE : The Grammatical form of the verb denoting the time of the action or event and the degree of completion. B. Classification According to time and in different forms, in English we recognize 16 different tenses are outlined below : 1. THE SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE. 2. THE SIMPLE PAST TENSE. 3. THE SIMPLE FUTURE TENSE. 4. THE PRESENT
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  TUGAS BAHASA INGGRIS 2 # NAMA :THERESIA WD (18211061)KELAS : 1EA26JURUSAN : MANAJEMEN UNIVERSITAS GUNADARMA2011-2012  I.   Tense and Classification A.   TensesTENSE : The Grammatical form of the verb denoting the time of the action or event and thedegree of completion.B.   ClassificationAccording to time and in different forms, in English we recognize 16 different tenses areoutlined below :1.   THE SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE.2.   THE SIMPLE PAST TENSE.3.   THE SIMPLE FUTURE TENSE.4.   THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE.5.   THE PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE.6.   THE FUTURE CONTINUOUS TENSE.7.   THE PRESENT PERFECT TENSE.8.   THE PAST PERFECT TENSE.9.   THE FUTURE PERFECT TENSE.10.   THE PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS TENSE.11.   THE PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS TENSE .12.   THE FUTURE PERFECT CONTINUOUS TENSE.13.   THE FUTURE IN THE PAST INDEFINITE TENSES.14.   THE FUTURE IN THE PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE.15.   THE FUTURE IN THE PAST PERFECT TENSE.16.   THE FUTURE IN THE PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS TENSE.We take the verb work with 16 different forms of tenses as an example:FormPresent Tense Past Tense Future TenseFuture In ThePastSimpleI Work I Worked I shall Work I should WorkContinuousI am Working I was WorkingI shall beWorkingI should beWorkingPerfectI have Worked I had WorkedI shall haveWorkedI should haveWorkedPerfectContinuousI have beenWorkingI had beenWorkingI shall havebeen WorkingI should havebeen Working   II.   THE SIMPLE PRESENT TENSEThe Simple Present Tense represents an action as taking place state as existing in presenttime.The Funcition :1.   To say something that is true in the past, present and future (general truth).2.   To mention something than often or always happens (habitual activity).Example : - I see the book.-   He is here.-   Today is Tuesday.A.   The Formulas    Verb(+) Subject + Verb 1 / Verb (+s/es) + object + adverb(-) Subject + do/does + not + Verb 1 + object + adverb(?) Do/does + subject + Verb 1 + object + adverb ?    To Be(+) Subject + to be + adjective / adverb / noun(-) Subject + to be + not + adjective / adverb / noun(?) To be + subject + adjective / adverb / noun ?    The Time Signals   Every, always, often, usually,sometimes,seldom, and never.   S + V 1 + OIYou + V 1 + OWeTheyHeShe + V 1 (s/es)It  Verb to be Affirmative Negative Interrogative I am I am not Am I ? You are You are not Are you ? HeShe isIt HeShe is not It HeIs SheIt Verb to have Affirmative Negative Interrogative I have I have not Have I ? You have You have not Have you ? HeShe hasIt HeShe has not It HeHas SheIt Verb to do Affirmative Negative Interrogative I do I do not Do I ? You do You do not Do you ? HeShe doesIt HeShe does not It HeDoes She do ? It Infinitive verb to go Affirmative Negative Interrogative I go I do not go Do I ? You go You do not go Do you ? HeShe goesIt HeShe does not goIt HeDoes She go ? It Infinitive verb to work  Affirmative Negative Interrogative I work I do not work Do I ? You work You do not work Do you ? HeShe worksIt HeShe does not work It HeDoes She work ? It 
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