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Veterans are the 99% Occupy San Antonio
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  to pay little to nothing in taxes eachyear. The official marginal tax ratefor corporations is 35%. If all corpo-rations actually paid that, the gov-ernment would have brought in anadditional $219 billion in 2010 alone.(Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Boe-ing, & G.E. not only paid $0 in taxes,despite their profits, they qualified for a tax rebate last year.) The SenatePermanent Subcommittee on Inves-tigations found that as much as $100billion in tax revenues is lost to taxhavens every year. Billions of dollarsin revenue is lost every year due tolaws that benefit 1% of the people inthis country. Congress then tries tomake up for this budget shortfall bycutting needed services. Is there more I should know? While 20,000 veterans face foreclo-sure to banks which received bailoutmoney, including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and J.P. Morgan Chase,these same banks are accused ofdefrauded veterans and taxpayersout of hundreds of millions of dollars by disguising illegal fees in veterans’ home refinancing loans, accordingto a whistleblower suit broughtagainst the banks.   Why Occupy? D emocracy is generally definedas a form of government in which allcitizens have an equal say indecisions that affect their lives. An information documentByOccupy San Antonio Press Since that ideal is not being lived up to,people have come together to let their voices be heard. The Occupy Movementis an exercise in direct democracy wherepeople are employing their power ascitizens. What can I do? Arm yourself with information.For a listing of some resources to get youstarted, please visit: your money away from large banksand into local credit unions.To find out more, OccupySan Antonio is permanently basedat Hemisfair Park. Please join us any time.For news and event listings, please go to: Or find us on facebook.There are many ways you can help, be itwith your physical presence at events,cooking, designing flyers, speaking up atcity council meetings, or donating materi-als or supplies. Whatever your talent, you can help. To be more informed about theOccupy Movement, please VETERANSARE THE  Yet, Congress is contemplating askingveterans to make even more sacrifices,with cuts to benefits and to serviceswhich are already strained (includingchanges to healthcare, military pay, andretirement), all in order to pay for a deficitthat was created by laws which benefitthe top 1% of the population.Many veterans are joining the OccupyMovement because they want their voices heard as well. Veterans are partof the 99%.   V eterans face:  High Unemployment - The national av-erage is 9%. For veterans it is 12.1%but that jumps to 30% when you look at vets ages18-24,  Homelessness - A 2009 governmentstudy found that 16% of the homelesspopulation were veterans, eventhough they make up only 10% of thegeneral population,  Lack of adequate mental health care- Veterans suffering from post trau-matic stress disorder and depressionmay have to wait weeks for treament,  Rising suicide rate - Much higher thanthe national average and increasingover last few years, 99% of the people in this country arenot being represented by the govern-ment. Corporations and the super-wealthy get to dictate the course ofthis country by funding lobbyists, buy-ing commercial ads and space, andcontributing to political campaigns.(Remember that under U.S. law, corpo- rations are considered “people” and political spending is considered a formof free speech. Those with moremoney to spend, have more freespeech.) Politicians are beholden tothe financial interests that purchasedthem. People without money are leftwithout a voice. Why are veterans the 99%? V eterans have put their life on the linein service to this country. They havetaken an oath to protect the constitu-tion and are dedicated to the princi-ples that make our country great.  Foreclosed homes - 20,000 militarymembers faced foreclosure in 2010,and  Threatened cuts to benefits - Con-gress is considering several cuts toveteran benefits and services be-cause of a deficit caused by lawsthat benefit the super rich and cor-porate interests.Despite being promised to be takencare of for their service, veterans aretold that there is not enough money inthe budget to address their needs.However, there has been enough money to “bail out” banks that madebad decisions with people’s money. There has been enough money to givethe wealthiest 1% of the population atax break. And there is enough moneythat many large banks and large cor-porations do not have to pay anytaxes.While veterans are suffering and goingwithout, the wealthy 1% are profitingfrom their unmet needs. Who profits? O nly the super wealthy gain from taxbreaks. Over $716 billion has been lostto tax cuts to the wealthiest 1% in thiscountry over the last decade. Our economy is suffering for it. Subsidies,offshore tax havens, and legal loop-holes in tax code allow corporations   Who are the 99%?    G  e   t   t  y   I  m  a  g  e  s   \   S  p  e  n  c  e  r   P   l  a   t   t
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