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Akash Gautam is one of India's highly renowned & Top Motivational Speakers. With his unique style of delivery (mix of sarcasm, humor & contemporary story telling approach), he has become a favorite especially for Youth Fests & College Events. The above is a brief about his work genre for the student segment & what can be expected out of his Interview training, placement training, communication workshops & induction programs for colleges, B-Schools etc. Much more can be found at http://www.akashgautam.com Over a career spanning across a decade and a half, Akash Gautam has had the opportunity to interact with some of the best names and top colleges and educational institutions. His experience has helped him understand the industry very well. He is also a Top Career Counsellor in India for school & college students (visit : http://akashgautam.com/school/ for more). His wit, humor, sarcasm and contemporary style of delivery has won him many accolades from his happy clients. Not only that, he has also been invited as a Celebrity Speaker at some of the best TEDx events in India & as Chief Guest for college fests like Insignia (St. Xaviers, Kolkata) Some of his events have been specially designed for College fests. For e.g. Lovepal Bill. It talks about relationship management where he shares his own experiences in managing people & relationships & tries to tell the youth how they can handle their relationships in a much better way. Other events include 'Bollycabulary' which is an English Vocabulary & Grammar workshop that has completely changed the way Indian youth look at learning English in the last few years. Detailed information about all these events can be found on his official website: http://www.akashgautam.com Akash has worked with diverse clientele in the last few years; ranging from Tihar Jail inmates to Miss India Beauty Pageants to Rural women of Haryana. Connecting with the audience with a bang has become his USP. His guest lectures & keynote addressed for Top B-Schools like IIMs & engineering colleges like IITs have taken him all over India. As a Motivational Speaker, he has edutained & Enter-trained the youth all over India at cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, NCR, Bangalore, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Indore, Agra & many more. To see the list of colleges that have trusted Akash with the inspiration of their students, you may follow the link: http://www.akashgautam.com/brands-testimonials He promises to deliver the most stunningly simple and practical concepts of life in the easiest possible ways and guarantees a transformation. His unique and fresh approach has made him get counted as the Top Motivational Speaker for Youth & College Students in India. To know more about him or to invite him to your college auditorium, just write to us at info(at)akashgautam(dot)com
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  • 1. www.akashgautam.com A way of learning English vocabulary, that you will have . Check out the ENGLISH section of Akash's blog for more awesome ways of learning English!
  • 2. www.akashgautam.com By Motivational Speaker | Corporate Trainer | Happy Guy A , he memorized the entire Oxford dictionary during his college days. Don’t believe? 
  • 3. 1. KOWTOW KOWTOW [kou-tou] = to touch the forehead to the ground while kneeling as an act of WORSHIP ; to bow down Key – Hindu log COW ke aage KOWTOW karte hain www.akashgautam.com
  • 4. 2. ADULTEROUS / IGNOBLE Kya Sharma ji, hum thode ADULTEROUS (or, INFIDEL) kya hue, aap toh IGNOBLE ho gaye! www.akashgautam.com
  • 5. 3. DEBAUCH Tharki chokro aayo re = DEBAUCH chokro aayo re DEBAUCH [ di-bawch] = corrupt by sensuality www.akashgautam.com
  • 6. 4. PUERILE Dil toh Baccha hai ji = DIL TOH PUERILE HAI JI … PUERILE – childishly foolish ; immature / trivial ; pertaining to a child Remember the super hit song from the movie Ishqiya ‘Dil toh Baccha hai ji’ … We can sing it as “DIL TOH PUERILE HAI JI …” www.akashgautam.com
  • 7. 5. ENCORE An extra or repeated performance; usually given in response to audience demand. ONCE MORE ! Once Again… KEY: Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara = An’ ENCORE' to/of life won’t happen ! Or, the song from 3 Idiots: “Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance I want to grow up ENCORE” www.akashgautam.com
  • 8. 6. SENTINEL SENTINEL -A person employed to guard something. Key: Salman Khan played a SENTINEL in the movie ‘BODYGUARD’ The song from the movie Bodyguard, “aaoji bhawji dil se dil milao ji… Aa gaya hai dekho SENTINEL” www.akashgautam.com
  • 9. 7. SAPIENT SAP company only recruits SAPIENT engineers during campus placements. SAPIENT – means wise. So Sapience means Wisdom. HOMO SAPIENS are supposed to be named after their SAPIENT nature. Apparently, we have wisdom  www.akashgautam.com
  • 10. 8. RIBALD An alternative title for THE DIRTY PICTURE : ‘THE RIBALD PICTURE’.... RIBALD: obscene ,indecent, Referring to sexual matters in an irreverent way Pronunciation – rahy – buld www.akashgautam.com
  • 11. 9. TURNCOAT Johnny Gaddar = Johnny TURNCOAT TURNCOAT: a person who changes to the opposite party or faction, reverses principles, etc.; renegade. Need we say more for this? www.akashgautam.com
  • 12. 10. RUFFIAN BADMASH company = RUFFIAN COMPANY Ruffian [ruh-fee-uh-n]: a tough, lawless person www.akashgautam.com
  • 13. 11. MUNIFICENT MUNIFICENT : dilwaale, generous , kind key: MUNNI was very MUNIFICENT in getting badnaam....that's why topped the popularity charts:) We can sing, “ Le jaayenge le jaayenge MUNIFICENT Dulhaniya le jaayenge” www.akashgautam.com
  • 14. 12. STOLID STOLID :: someone who does not show too much of emotion key: SOMEONE WHO IS andaar se SOLID .... is ought to be STOLID! Or, jo apne emotions ko LID se covered /closed rakhe he is STOLID! www.akashgautam.com
  • 15. 13. COPIOUS COPIOUS Achay Lagte Hain... = Bade Achay Lagtey Hain... COPIOUS = Abundant , Plentiful , More , Extra , Bade Or, Agar hum exam mein COPY karke likhenge to hume COPIOUS marks milenge (ignore the advice, focus on the key  ) www.akashgautam.com
  • 16. 14. JIFFY Himani fast relief… Dard mitaye JIFFY MEIN JIFFY: A very short time; moment. JIFFY mein chipkaye… FeviQuick!! www.akashgautam.com
  • 17. 15. SAVORING McDonald’s ad, “I am loving it” = I am SAVORING it. Savor:- To relish Maa ke haath ke GHEWAR, mujhe shaanti se SAVOR karne do! www.akashgautam.com
  • 18. 16. RUCKUS RUCKUS – act of making a noisy disturbance SHOR in the city = RUCKUS in the city Or, Chor machaye shor = CHOR MACHAYE RUCKUS www.akashgautam.com
  • 19. 17. ABSOLVED ABSOLVED = Grant pardon for Key – 7 KHOON MAAF = 7 KHOON ABSOLVED Or, We could sing the song, “Maar diya jaaye ke chhod diya jaaye” as “MAAR DIYA JAAYE KE ABSOLVE KAR DIYA JAAYE… BOL TERE SAATH KYA SULOOK KIYA JAAYE…” www.akashgautam.com
  • 20. 18. FORTITUDE Fighting to save a FORT required lot of FORTITUDE in earlier times. FORTITUDE: Courage Those who live in forts have an ATTITUDE of FORTITUDE. FORT ko FORTIFY (protect) karne ke liye FORTITUDE chahiye hota hai! www.akashgautam.com
  • 21. 19. RAVENOUS RAVENOUS = RAVAN JAISA RAVENOUS: extremely hungry, having greediness for food. Now, if you have 10 heads like RAVAN, you will definitely feel RAVENOUS all the time! www.akashgautam.com
  • 22. 20. HURTLE Bhaag bhaag DK Bose = HURTLE HURTLE DK Bose HURTLE: To move with great speed. A turtle cannot HURTLE. www.akashgautam.com
  • 23. www.akashgautam.com Follow us on Slideshare for more On the front! Akash Gautam Motivational Speaker in India for Corporate Events & Youth @akash_vaani @akashgautamspeaks @akashspeaks
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