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Word of the Day (WOTD) 1. Hazard: Meaning: A chance of being injured or harmed Hazard- noun/verb Hazardous -adjective Hazardously-adverb Synonym: Dangerous, unsafe, chancy, and uncertain. Antonyms: Safe, secure, sure, certain, reliable. Etymology: The name hazard is borrowed from Old French. The origin of the French word is unclear but probably derives from Spanish azar ( an unfortunate card or dice roll ), with the final -d by analogy with the common French suffix -ard. The Spanish word ha
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    Word of the Day (WOTD) 1. Hazard :Meaning: A chance of being injured or harmedHazard- noun/verbHazardous -adjectiveH azardously -adverbSynonym: Dangerous, unsafe, chancy, and uncertain.Antonyms: Safe, secure, sure, certain, reliable.Etymology:  The name hazard is borrowed fromOld French. The srcin of the French word isunclear but probably derives fromSpanishazar ( an unfortunate card or dice roll ),with the final -d by analogy with the common French suffix -ard. The Spanish wordhas been supposed in turn to come fromArabic, either from the name of a castlein Palestine, or from the word az-zahr ( رهزلا ) meaning dice . In Western Europe theterm came to be associated with a number of games using dice, which werelearned during the Crusades whilst in the Holy Land. The term eventually took onthe connotation of danger because, from very early on, games using dice wereassociated with the risky business of gambling and con artists using corrupted dice Alternate srcin:Hazard is an Old English game played with twodicewhich was mentioned inGeoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in the 14th century.Usage: Terrain on most hills in Britain, avalanche hazard can be avoided completely by sensiblechoice of route. This site also provides a series of links focusing on tsunamis and volcanic hazard s.2. Assassin :Meaning: n. Murderer, generally somewhat professional; esp. one who murders aprominent figure.Assassin-nounAssassinate-verbAssasinative-adjectiveSynonyms : slay.  Antonyms: VictimEtymology: During the time of the Crusades the members of a certain secret Muslimsect engaged people to terrorise their Christian enemies by performingmurders as a religious duty. These acts were carried out under theinfluence of hashish, and so the killers became known as hashshashin,meaning eaters or smokers of hashish.Hashshashin evolved into theword assassin. Usage:A deadly assassin , who wants to murder a prosecution witness on a plane, releases awhole crate full of vicious snakes!And last but by no means least is jade, trained assassin and an expert with any firearmknown to man.3. Ecstasy Meaning   : a trance or trance-like state in which a person transcends normalconsciousness,a state which consists in total suspension of sensibility, of voluntarymotion, and largely of mental powerEcstasy-NounEcstacize-VerbEcstatic-AdjectiveSynonyms: delight, bliss, elation.Antonyms: Unhappiness, DespairEtymology:  The ancient Greek ancestor of our word ecstasy is ekstasis, formedof ek (outside or beyond) and stasis (“standing, stature” or “standing still,stationariness” or “the place in which one stands or should stand, position,posture, station”) Usage:Charlotte hops around the living room in apparent ecstasy . The publisher of a study claims there's a link between ecstasy use andParkinson's disease.  4. Backfire Meaning : To produce an unexpected, undesired result. Or the backward escape of gases or cartridge fragments when a gun is fired. Backfire-Noun/VerbSynonyms: miscarry, boomerang;Etymology: Originally a fire deliberately lit ahead of an advancing prairie fire todeprive it of fuel, fromback(adj.) +fire(n.). As a verb in this sense, recorded from 1886. The meaning premature ignition in an internal-combustion engine is first recorded 1897. Of schemes, plans, etc., toaffect the initiator rather than the intended object it is attested from 1912,a figurative use from the accidental back-firing of firearms. Usage:Six minutes were added to the match and the ram’s time wasting tactics backfire d as thehome side drew level in added time. Trying to be in control can sometimes backfire - you can lose what you might havegained.5. Quarantine Meaning: Any forced stoppage of travel or communication on account of malignant,contagious disease, on land or by sea.Quarantine-Noun/VerbQuarantinable- adjectiveSynonyms: incarceration, isolationAntonyms: Improve. Vaporize, or perhaps exposureEtymology: From the French quarante (=forty). Adding the suffix –aine to Frenchnumbers gives a degree of roughness to the figure (like –ish in English),so quarantaine means about forty. Originally when a ship arriving in portwas suspected of being infected with a malignant, contagious disease, itscargo and crew were obliged to forego all contact with the shore for aperiod of around forty days. This term came to be known as periodof quarantine. Usage:  People potentially exposed to the virus are asked to quarantine themselves for 10 days to reduce the spread of the diseaseSome aid workers recalled that rescue dogs brought in after the 1995Kobe earthquake were put in quarantine for two weeks.6. Pedigree Meaning: A line of ancestors; descent; lineage; genealogy; a register or record of a line of ancestors.Pedigree-NounPedigree less-adjectiveSynonyms:P EDIGREE , GENEALOGY refers to an account of ancestry. A PEDIGREE is a table or chart recording a line of ancestors, either ofpersons or (more especially) of animals, as horses, cattle, anddogs;Antonyms: CrossbredEtymology: Believed to be derived from the French ped de gru, which meant crane'sfoot (the modern French equivalent is pied de la grue). The crane's foot issaid to resemble the/|\ symbol on genealogical trees. It has also beensuggested that it comes from par degrés, the French for by degrees. Apedigree chart records the relationship of families by degrees. Usage:If you ante up four figures, you can own a mechanical watch made by acompany with a recognizable pedigree .When you buy a pedigree puppy you have a good idea what the adult will look like.7. Phony (or Phoney)   [foh-nee] Meaning: not real or genuine; fake; counterfeit:Phony-verbPhoniness-nounPhonily-adverbPhony-AdjectiveSynonyms: fraud, imitation, hoax.
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