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CT-100 is a unique Universal Current Transducer with built in Split Core Current Transformer. It measure up to 100 Amps. It can be set for 5 current measurement range (0-2.5, 0-10, 0-20, 0-50 and 0-100 Amps) via program dip switch. Each range corresponds to 4-20 mA output. Example: If the range is selected for 0-2.5 Amps, the transducer output will be 4 mA when no current and 20 mA when the measured load current is 2.5 Amps. CT-100 can be used for many applications for monitoring and sub-meterin
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    Model :   CT - 100 CT-100is a unique Universal Current Transducer withbuilt in Split Core Current Transformer. It measure up to100 Amps. It can be set for 5 current measurementrange (0-2.5, 0-10, 0-20, 0-50and0-100 Amps) via program dip switch. Each range corresponds to 4-20mA output.Example: If the range is selected for 0-2.5 Amps, thetransducer output will be 4 mA when no current and20 mA when the measured load current is 2.5 Amps.CT-100can be used for many applications formonitoring and sub-metering.Split CoreCT will allow Installations withoutdisconnecting the load wires it.CT-100is accurate to +/- 1% ( full scale) for allselected current ranges (2.5 to 100 Amps).CT-100has built in output current limiter. Themaximum output current is25 mA. CT-100is very linear and repeatable. It has better than+/- 0.5% linearity.The very latest State of the Art Technology allows theCT-100to be very low cost and having outstandingperformance specifications.CT-100has built in status LED that changes itsintensity and light output based on the amount of loadcurrent passing through the split CT.CT-100is very small in size (1.250”L x 1.00” W x and2.000” H) to fit very small spaces.CT-100is a low cost and yet has many outstandingperformance specifications. Even better than muchhigher cost commercially available transducers. UNIVERSAL CURRENT (4-20mA)TRANSDUCER One Transducer 5 - CurrentRanges0 - 2.5 A = 4-20 mA0-10 A = 4-20 mA0-20 A = 4-20 mA- = - ZI-CT-100 REV 1 SOLIDYNE CORPORATION . 4215 KIRCHOFF ROAD, ROLLING MEADOWS ILL. 60008 USA TEL 847-394-3333 FAX 847-394-8083 PAGE -1  GENERAL: CT-100is designed to measure up to100 Amps Load Current for 50 or 60 Hz main power. Its unique design allows 4-20mA signal output for 5 current ranges.These are: 1. 0-2.5 Amps2. 0-10 Amps3. 0-20 Amps 4. 0-50 Amps 5. 0-100 AmpsEach selected range via 4 position Dip Switch generate independent 4-20 mA signal Output.CT-100is designed to be a break through in technology for its versatility for coverage of current ranges, accuracy, linearityand cost. It is designed to be used for any load monitoring, sub-metering and preventive maintenance applications. Dueto its very broad range of operation (0-100 Amps), it will cover for all applications above. Further,CT-100’ssplit currenttransformer allows for the load wires to be clapped without disconnecting the loads. It is quick, easy and low cost labor toinstall.CT-100has many features and operational specifications that can only be found on much costly and bigger sizetransducers. It has a very small to be able to mount in very tight and limited spaces. It has built in power on statusindicator that change its intensity based on the load current. It has exceptional accuracy, linearity and repeatability.CT-100has built in current limiter that is not found even on similar and much more expensive transducers. It does notallow the transducer output to exceed 25 mA current so that it would not damage input circuitry of a receiving controller.SPECIFICATIONS:Electrical:1. Output Signal: 4-20 mA for selected current range. (0-2.5/0-10/0-20/0-50/0-100 Amps)2. Load Current Measured:0 - 100 Amps 50 or 60 Hz3. Measurement Accuracy: +/- 1% F.S. 4. Linearity +/- 0.5% 5. Accuracy over temperature 0.5% change over the entire operating temperature and humidity range6. Operating Voltage: 10 to 30 VDC7. Max Output signal: 25 mA +/- 5%8. Primary Load Voltage: Any voltage (make sure that load wire has proper insulation for the voltage specified)9. Power Consumption: 4 to 25 mA for 4-20 mA applications10. Current Transformer:Split type with a latch clamping and11. Status Output:LED that changes its light intensity with the load current passingMechanical:1. Dimensions: L 1.250” x W 1.000” x H 2.000”2. Flanged mounted to any surface via 2 # 6 screws3. CT has built in latch for closing and locking the split coreEnvironmental:1. Operating Temperature: -20 to + 150   ? F2. Storage Temperature: -40 to + 170 ? F3. Operating Humidity:0 - 99 % RH Non Condensing4. Storage Humidity:0-100 % RH Non CondensingINSTALLATIN AND WIRING:The following steps should be taken to installCT-100Current Transducer:I. Mount theCT-100via 2 mounting holes for Flanged mounting for a suitable place close to the Load wire beingmeasured .II. Set the DIP Switch for the intended load current measurement. The Dip Switch setting is shown on the labelattached to theCT-100housing.III. Open the Split CT latch ZI-CT-100 REV 1 SOLIDYNE CORPORATION . 4215 KIRCHOFF ROAD, ROLLING MEADOWS ILL. 60008 USA TEL 847-394-3333 FAX 847-394-8083 PAGE -2  VI. ConnectCT-100RED wire to +10 to +30 VDC regulated (or unregulated where the DC peak does notexceed +32 VDC) power supply.Note: Full or half way rectified DC without a filter Cap will not work as a DC power supply. Theunregulated voltage must have min. of 10 VDC bottom voltage for ripple.VII. ConnectCT-100BLACK wire to the sensor input of a Controller.VIII. Make sure that the termination resistance is not too high. You can use the following formula todetermine the max. termination resistance (4-20 mA) termination resistance:R [ termination resistance] = [DC applied voltage to RED wire - 7.00 VDC] / 0.02 in OhmsMax termination resistance = DC Supply voltage minus 7.0 VDC divide by 0.020 Amps (20 mA)Example: If we power from 12 VDC and what is the max. termination resistance is12-7 = 5.0/0.020 = 250 Ohms Make sure that the negative (return side) of the applied voltage to RED wire is same as the SensorInput Common.IX. If need to test theCT-100current output, you can put your DVM in Current (DC) mode (0-200 mArange) and connect theCT-100BLACK wire to DVM’s RED (positive leads) and DVM Black Lead(common lead) to Controllers Common to measure the actual 4-20 mA generated by CT-100. Thiswill not hurtCT-100. Also, if you know the termination resistance value internally to the controller, youcan measure theCT-100output by measuring the Sensor DC voltage divide by the Terminationresistance. In this case you do not need DVM with mA range (not all DVMs may have DC Currentrange)   X. The drawings for installation is attached below : DC Power +12 To + 30 VDC4-20 mA Out FIG-1 :CT-1004-20 mA Signal Output Wiring TERMINATIONRESISTOR IN THECONTROLLERCOMMON Power ONStatus LED + RED Wire -- BLACK WireZI-CT-100 REV 1 SOLIDYNE CORPORATION . 4215 KIRCHOFF ROAD, ROLLING MEADOWS ILL. 60008 USA TEL 847-394-3333 FAX 847-394-8083 PAGE -3 TAB-1 : 4-20 MA and Load Current range Selection via DIP Switch programming 1234OPEN 1. All Switches Are Open: 0 - 2.5 Amps = 4 - 20 mA2. ONLY Switch - 1 is closed:0 - 10 Amps = 4 - 20 mA3. ONLY Switch - 2 is closed:0 - 20 Amps = 4 - 20 mA4. ONLY Switch - 3 is closed:0 - 50 Amps = 4 - 20 mA5. ONLY Switch - 4 is closed:0 - 100 Amps = 4 - 20 mA    D OC . N O : DRW CT -100 ADJ DIMMENSIONS DESCRIPTION: MECHANICAL DRAWING CT-100 0-100 AMP CURRENT   D ATE : 9-22-01   A PP . B Y :R EV LEVEL : 2   S CALE : 1/1   B Y : MS   D ATE : 1.375”1.000”2.000”1.875”1.350”1.000”1.875”
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